Trekking Through Northwest Trek

So we have ten days to spend in the Tacoma/Seattle area. What to see, what to see?

Well, what kind of stuff do we like? Put us outside and we’re both happy. Show us a few animals, and throw in an ice cream cone and we’re on top of the world. Guess what we found?

Northwest Trek came up on every internet search I tried for things to do in the area, and it’s only about fifteen minutes from my dad’s house. Score.

All of these American animals were nothing new to me, but Brian has never seen most of them before. Grizzly bears? Bison? Cougars? Wow.

We grow ‘em big here, and not just in Texas.

The park was beautiful, full of information, and loaded with spring color.

We’ve been told over and over how lucky we are to have hit a whole week with fantastic weather. Apparently that never happens here.

Somebody forgot to tell the cougar to come out and lay in the sun while he could. His cat buddies are gonna give him a hard time for this.

The grizzlies were all over it.

They roamed all over, scratching their backs on the trees and rolling around to soak up the heat.

Just like Brian does when the sun comes out.

We watched the animal keepers as they made the rounds feeding the big birds and cleaning their cages. The big snowy owls were very cute. The bigger but younger male was all about protecting his girlfriend, and made sure to stay between her and the staff.

While the golden eagles just stood there looking menacing.

The barn owls swooped and flew in circles. The nets don’t make for easy photography though. I’d really love to have a shot of their giant wing spans as this guy flew about.

Your price of admission includes a ride on the tram through the open fields where they keep whole herds of herbivores. I’m glad they clarified which animals were in there. I was a little worried about the possibility of mountain lions or wolves popping in through the windows.

Some of those little kids looked like tasty cougar snacks to me.

I think the raccoon agreed. He looked a little shifty as he watched us drive by.  Let’s just hope he was only after the kids’ lunches.

The raccoon was finally distracted by the honking swan, who lost her mate last winter and looked at us as we passed by, maybe hopeful that we knew where he went and could we please pass a message to him to get his swan ass home?

On the other hand, the mountain sheep ewes were very content to hang out without their men.

One of whom was on the other side of the hill, no doubt scouting for some new ewes.

Love ‘em and leave ‘em. That’s his game.

He looks pretty high maintenance anyway, so I don’t think his herd of girls are all that put out about him wandering off. Seriously, who needs a man around who’s hair always looks so much better than your own?

Pretty soon we came up on the big headliner of the show.

The bison were camped out across the middle of the road, taking up space and not caring a bit.


And who are we to argue? When a one ton hunk of buffalo beef stands in the road and blocks traffic, what are you going to do?

You’re going to wait.

Pretty soon he’ll wander off and find himself a nice, luxurious patch of dust to wallow around in and you can drive by on your merry way.

These are majestic and beautifully powerful animals.

Try not to laugh as you hear them making happy sounds as they roll in the dust.

It’s OK if you giggle a little bit though. You’ll stop laughing when you see the little calves teetering along behind their mothers.

It’s hard to laugh when you’re too busy saying, “Awww!”

Our second full day in Washington was a big success. We had beautiful sunshine, an education, a nice ride through the hills where we saw some truly impressive animals, and to top it all off we even got that ice cream cone.

Day two was a complete success.

On the map: Click here to see this location on our Google Map.

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