The Road to Achiltibuie

When we left Ullapool, we were disappointed about missing the boat to the Summer Isles. I really wanted to see some whales and puffins.

I have a special place in my heart for puffins.

But as we drove, all thoughts about what we were missing disappeared quickly. We really weren’t missing anything, we only traded one beautiful adventure for another.


We made our way north with the wind whipping the water in the lochs to a froth, the clouds churning and scattered rain coming down on the windshield.


The wind was terrible!  We stopped at this beach near Achiltibuie and could barely stand up!


We kept wondering how the Picts and the old clans could have possibly lived in such a wild and inhospitable place. It was easy to tour through in the heated cabin of our car, with the glass to protect us from the rain and the cold, but can you imagine living out here with nothing but your kilt to protect you? A drafty stone house to shelter from the wind?

And this in August!? The best part of summer?


The sheep didn’t seem to mind though. Even freshly shorn, they looked pretty oblivious to the weather.

We drove for hours and loved every minute of it.


We’ll see puffins and whales another day, when the wind isn’t whipping the lochs and seas into a frenzy. For now, I’m content with the choice to see the wild highlands where it’s miles between houses and villages, where the empty wilderness looks just like it did a thousand years ago, and where we were lucky enough to experience the incredible scenery.

Especially from the warmth of our car.

On the map: Click here to see this location on our Google Map.

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