The Light of Summer Solstice

Through Dusk


It’s a midsummer night’s dream. I took this picture at nearly eleven o’clock at night two days ago. Do you see that orange glow at the bottom? That is the sunset.

Sunset! In the middle of the night!

We left Brazil at the tail end of Autumn, and arrived in England the very next day at the tail end of Spring. I am absolutely loving these long days. It’s 9:30 at night as I type this and the sky is bright as day. When I wake up tomorrow I’ll feel like I’ve slept for ages because the sun will be up for hours before I crawl out of bed, and it will still only be six thirty when I finally get up.

We’ve adjusted quickly back into life here in Newcastle. Within twenty four hours of our arrival in our apartment, it felt like we had never left. It has been nice to know my way around, to know which metro stop I go to when I meet friends for lunch in town, to sleep in our own bed, and to see our beautiful view out the window.

It’s just odd to see that view full of green leaves and flowering bushes. When we left in March it was all brown and frozen. The leaves were gone, there were no flowers, and our little courtyard fountain was a block of ice. Now we have the windows open and we hear the breeze ruffling through the thick leaves and the fountain splashing and gurgling away.

As much as we love to travel, we don’t often get the chance to come back to somewhere familiar. We may have only lived here for six months, but it still felt good to come back “home”.

When we go back to Brazil I think we’ll have the same experience. We’ll go back to our new apartment, sleep in our own bed, and meet our friends at the bar.

Wow. We have a really odd concept of home. Odd, but comforting. Home is wherever we are together.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our last few posts which showed you a bit about our previous life in Brazil. It’s been a slow week here and I knew I wouldn’t have much to write about and I didn’t want to just leave you hanging, but things are about to get fun again.

As of right now, Brian is officially on vacation for the next two weeks. My son and my nephew are arriving tomorrow morning from the States and we’re headed up to Scotland for proper tour of the country. We’ll have a weekend in Edinburgh (my favorite city in the world), three days in a beach town in Fife, a swing through the trees, a getaway on an island and a family wedding to attend. I’ll have so much to show you!

For now I’m going to enjoy this beautiful night time sunshine because I think I’m going to be too wiped out to stay awake for it over the next week!

Happy summer solstice to you all. Do you do anything special for the day? Are your summer plans getting started? Or your winter plans if you’re on the other end of the world?

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2 Responses to The Light of Summer Solstice

  1. Sara Louise
    Twitter: SaraLouiseLPV
    June 27, 2013 at 1:38 pm #

    Midsummer is my favorite time of the year, the night is always so beautiful. Did you see the moon last weekend? It was beyond amazing!

    • akil3655
      Twitter: kiltandacamera
      June 27, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

      The giant moon was hiding behind the clouds, but we still had a beautiful long day! These are the best days to be on Scotland, that’s for sure. :)