Texas – An Anniversary at Creekhaven Inn in the Wimberly Hill Country

Our last post showed you our wedding day. How does a year fly by so quickly?

Today let me show you how we spent our one year anniversary.

I (Peg) come back to Houston twice a year to spend time with my nearly grown children. Brian stays in Brazil for work and flies up to join us for Christmas and the New Year. Well, that’s what has happened for the last couple of years. Who knows what will happen by next year, or even next month. Life tends to be a bit unpredictable for us and we tend to like it that way.

I had been in Houston for three weeks before he arrived on the day before Christmas Eve. He left me hanging with instructions to make no plans for the few days after Christmas. He was taking me away, and I had no idea where.

I found out on Christmas Eve that our super secret location was in Texas, and I found out the night before we left that we were driving and not flying. I had to pack a small suitcase full of clothes not knowing what kind of activities we were in for. Evening wear? Hiking gear? Yoga clothes? Bathing suit? Parka and gloves? Yes, throw it all in the bag and don’t forget the laptop and camera.

We loaded up the car and as he typed in the address in Wimberly I finally knew where we were headed. The Hill Country of central Texas. Wimberly to be exact.

Wimberly is a historic little town with a creek running through it located in the middle of the hill country wineries. It is so overtly Texan I felt like I should have packed my shit-kicking boots and a cowboy hat, but alas, they wouldn’t fit in the suitcase. This was Brian’s first trip to the area, and my second. I came here a few years ago to spend a 4th of July with friends and their family, and I have never seen such an iconic display of good old fashioned American small town pride in my life. It was quite an experience and still makes me smile.

The GPS led us right to the door of our accommodation for the following three days; The Creekhaven Inn Bed & Breakfast.

you are hereThe Inn is located right on Cypress Creek. The view of the grounds from our room was amazing. I wish it had been warmer so we could sit outside and enjoy the outdoors, but late December is a little bit too cold for that. The weather was perfect for long walks though, and we strolled the town and surrounding area every day. That first afternoon we walked through the entire town and browsed through nearly every shop. It took about three hours.

The shops are a great variety of specialty items and hand crafted goods. We spent the most time (and the most money) in the Taste Buds Food & Wine shop. I could have really gone nuts in there with all the sauces, jams, butters and wines. It was hard not to fill up on the huge array of samples. I think you can sample every single thing they sell. Yum!

our room from the outsideBrian splurged and booked us into the Water Lily Suite, complete with the romantic getaway package. There were a dozen red roses waiting for me, even though he is under strict orders to never get me flowers. He is too much of a romantic for me to get mad at him though, so I guess I’ll let it go this time. I suppose it was kind of a special occasion, right?

The rest was pure perfection. A fruit and cheese plate with champagne? An entire platter covered with huge chocolate covered strawberries? A romantic little fire in the fireplace to eat it all in front of? Heck yes!

Hand feeding me all of the above as I sit in the huge jacuzzi tub? I will marry you all over again, every single day of my life.

A bath tub! All for me!I suppose this is my one complaint. The hot water heater seems to be smaller than the bath tub. The water turned cold after it filled the tub only half way. We waited for a while as I sipped champagne and nibbled the strawberries before we could add more hot water.

If having not quite enough hot water to fill my luxury tub in an incredible place like this is my biggest problem, I am an unbelievably lucky woman indeed.

Worn out from a full day of driving, walking, eating, and romancing we headed for bed in what I think is the most ginormous bed I’ve ever slept on. It has a step ladder on the side to help you climb in.

Brian could lay in the middle of it and stretch his arms out to his sides and not touch the edges. It was huge, and so comfortable. We slept like babies for two nights.

huge and enormousI loved the mist that floated over the creek each morning as the sun came up. Those old twisty tree roots fascinate me. Any huge trees really touch me and these were no different. I wonder what they’ve seen? I wonder about all the history of the area they’ve stood witness to? How many animals they’ve held in their branches and roots? They’re beautiful.


We walked by the creek both mornings before breakfast. We were trying to make sure to work up an appetite so we could eat as much of the buffet as possible. This Inn is a bed and breakfast, but should be called a BED and BREAKFAST. Both are enormous and deserve to be written in all caps. If you can arrange it, be there on a day when they serve their cinnamon french toast casserole. Holy calories worth dying for! Just the smell alone made my mouth water and even though we had promised to eat lightly, we both went back for seconds. Rather large portions of seconds.

The breakfast situation in most B&B’s tends to be social and this was no exception. We met different people each morning and could have spent a whole lot more time getting to know them all. Before I had ever stayed at a B&B I was a bit nervous about this community breakfast idea, but now that we’ve done it a few times it’s one of my favorite parts. There are some really interesting people out there and sharing a cup of coffee and a meal with them is a great way to connect.

I love surprises, and Brian loves to surprise me. He has a hard time keeping secrets though, so I have to put my fingers in my ears and sing, “la, la, la” whenever I know he’s planning something for me. We make a good team and this first year of being married has been fantastic.

more fresh airThank you, meu amor, for a perfect first anniversary to remember. You amaze me every day.

On the map: Click here to see this location on our Google Map.

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This was an un-sponsored post. We paid for all of our own expenses, and the opinions are our own.

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