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Marking Time in Paradise – Mt. Rainier

Remember how excited Brian was to see all that snow stacked up? It was so amazing we had to go back for more. Our previous visit to the visitor’s center on Mt. Rainier was just before the regular spring season, and the lodge was closed. We made plans to go back on our last full […]

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Whale Watching on Puget Sound – We’re on a Boat

You should see Brian’s face light up when he smells the sea. He was born near the sea, and even though he has lived in three countries, on three continents, he’s always lived near a coastline. Water seems to call his name. No matter how wild or cold, he seems happiest when he’s out in […]

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A Food Tour in Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market. What does that make you think of? For me it was only two things. The public market sign you see in the photo below, and big men throwing big fish at each other. And I was right! We saw both. We did the market tour on the same day as the underground […]

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Doing our Tourist Thing With the Seattle Underground Tour

Three days on the mountain, three days of hiking, driving and horseback riding our way all over the National Park, and three days of relaxing evenings in the hot tub. Aaaah. That was awesome. Then it was time to hit the city. My dad lives in Tacoma, and I had visited twice before but my […]

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Riding Horses on Mt. Rainier – What a View!

We figured for our last day on the mountain that we’d done enough hiking. We’d let our four legged friends do the work for us this time. Riding horses is one of our favorite things to do during a trip to a new place. We’ve done it at Lake Tahoe, four different times in Brazil, […]

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Hiking Mt. Rainier National Park – Christine Falls

That hot tub in our cabin was AWESOME. Three days of cruising around a giant national park, and we had a bubbly, hot place to just soak and relax after all the hiking. On day three, we drove further into the park for our second hike. We’d stopped the first day to take some photos […]

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Hiking Mt. Rainier National Park – Kautz Creek

After a great soak in the hot tub and a really good night sleep in our cozy cabin we were ready for a hike in the park. We did our recon the day before, and decided to head up the Kautz Creek Trail. The first .75 miles of the trail is new, and relatively flat. […]

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Mt. Rainier for Beginners

Amazingly, incredibly, unbelievably warm and beautiful weather for a solid week in the Seattle area? In May? Inconceivable. But we got it. The beginning of the week had the warmest days in the forecast, so at my dad’s suggestion we booked a last minute cabin in Ashford, just outside the entrance of Mt. Rainier National […]

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Trekking Through Northwest Trek

So we have ten days to spend in the Tacoma/Seattle area. What to see, what to see? Well, what kind of stuff do we like? Put us outside and we’re both happy. Show us a few animals, and throw in an ice cream cone and we’re on top of the world. Guess what we found? […]

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Gig Harbor View

Trails and Paws in Point Defiance

What is one to do when bringing a Scotsman to see Washington state for the first time? A Scotsman who loves the outdoors, cool weather, hiking, mountains, trees, and water? You show him everything! I think Washington was custom built for Brian. As soon as we got off the plane and he felt the crisp […]

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