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Visit Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, UK

Am I Really Standing at Stonehenge?

Why hello! I’m sure I only have about two readers left after my brief-ish hiatus from blogging (hi mom!), so I hope the long wait was worth it. I figured I’d come back with a post about a BIG DEAL. OK, maybe not a big deal to you, but a really big deal to me. […]

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Bacon butties at the Scottish border

365 Photo Project – Week 25

We’re on the move and won’t be sitting still in any one place for longer than a few days until next week. Just the way we like it. We had a week to be “home” in Newcastle, where we stayed up way too late every night because it just doesn’t feel like bed time while […]

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On the Roman Frontier – Segedunum in Wallsend

The town of Wallsend in northern England is so called because it was literally the end of Hadrian’s Wall, which was built on the edge of the Roman frontier to keep the picts out of their hard won territory. It was less of a battle line than a migration deterrent, but it’s actual purpose is […]

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A Walk Around the Bailey in Durham England

A Walk Around the Bailey in Durham England

What’s a girl to do when her daughter is visiting from the steaming south of Texas and they want to explore a new part of England, but it’s so cold outside that they can see the ice crystals floating in a kind of frozen mist? I’ve learned quickly that if you let the bad weather […]

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On the Roman Frontier – Vindolanda Fort in Northumberland

You know all that English and Scottish history I keep talking about? There is just no escaping it. We see it when we walk through every city, drive every country road, and climb every hill. We stumble across it even when we’re not looking for it. Want job security? Become an archaeologist. There will never […]

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done for the day

Brazil – Flying High over Rio de Janeiro

Brian doesn’t send me flowers, and he’s not allowed to buy me jewelry. I would so much rather do something with the money he would spend on those things. Instead, when he’s feeling generous, he gives me amazing experiences and I am the luckiest woman alive because he feels generous a lot. He made some […]

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Christo Redentor panorama

Rio de Janeiro – Cristo Redentor

Cristo Redentor, the giant statue standing tall over the city of Rio, also known in English as Christ the Redeemer. What travel blog would be complete without a visit to the statue? Our first good view was from the top of Urca Mountain, closer to the bay. We had ridden the tram to the top […]

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Bikinis in the sand on Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro – Our First Impressions of Copacabana Beach

The ever famous Copacabana Beach. This trip to Rio de Janeiro was the first time Brian and I traveled together. He had already been here in Brazil for several months and I flew down to meet him. We had a whirlwind weekend in Rio before heading farther up the coast. There were so many things […]

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Not a kilt

Rio de Janeiro – Sambadrome

The world famous Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro. We saw it for the first time during a very touristy bus tour of the city. I was surprised as we pulled in to the parking space just next to the bleacher style seats. When the party is over, and the massive and oddly shaped stadium is […]

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Reflection of the Cathedral de São Sebastião

Rio de Janeiro – Catedral de São Sebastião

Catedral de São Sebastião, also known in English as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian.

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