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The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh

How do you spell it? Whisky or Whiskey? That depends on where it came from. If it came from America then it is whiskey, but if your golden “water of life” came from beautiful Scotland? Then you spell it the proper way – whisky. Or not. Really, the spelling seems to be regional and depends almost […]

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Amsterdam’s Canals by Boat

We really didn’t know much about Amsterdam before we arrived. With only two days of planning we didn’t have time to do our usual routine of research before we left (I should say my routine of relentless Google stalking). I really didn’t realize the extent of the canal system. I knew they had canals, but […]

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The Ghosts of Memories at Holyrood Palace

You know when you go outside and intend to just explore your new neighborhood for a little while? See where you’re living? Find out if there is a cool coffee shop or bookstore on the next block over? And then you find yourself two miles away and on a tour of a nine hundred year […]

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Culloden – Where Scotland Almost Died

I had never heard of Culloden until I read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series (Outlander (20th Anniversary Edition): A Novel). I fell in love with the books, with the characters, and with the history of a country I knew far too little about considering that roughly one quarter of my ancestors came from here. The books […]

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The Dolphins of Spey Bay on the Wild North Sea

During our three day accidental adventure, we followed another brown sign and discovered a great little attraction on Spey Bay. The Scottish Dolphin Center, which sits on a little piece of land right at the mouth of the Spey river. We knew we were driving out to a tiny little village, and as we neared […]

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Enlightenment in Edinburgh

Do you know about Meetup.com? I found it a couple of years ago in Houston, joined a few photography groups and suddenly I had friends! A social life! Plans! I think I had lived in Houston for three or four years before I found Meetup, had worked at a few different jobs and even had […]

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A Dunfermline Treasure Hunt

In all my internet and list making geekiness I somehow stumbled across something that looked like it might be fun. There is a site called Treasure Trails which can set you up with a treasure hunting walk in most regions of the UK. Walking, sight seeing, clue finding and the possibility of a prize at […]

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A Morbid Mystery at Deep Sea World

Dunfermline has turned out to be the perfect jumping off point to start getting to know Scotland. We’re close enough to Edinburgh to pop in to the city whenever we want to, and far enough to avoid the bustle and traffic. There are quite a few things to see within a twenty minute drive from  […]

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Running Out of Time in Tillicum Village

We were running out of time. One thing we’re used to after years of a long distance relationship, and living on two continents, is running out of time. This time we were running out of time in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle and the surrounding areas had been so good to us, it was hard think […]

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Whale Watching on Puget Sound – We’re on a Boat

You should see Brian’s face light up when he smells the sea. He was born near the sea, and even though he has lived in three countries, on three continents, he’s always lived near a coastline. Water seems to call his name. No matter how wild or cold, he seems happiest when he’s out in […]

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A Food Tour in Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market. What does that make you think of? For me it was only two things. The public market sign you see in the photo below, and big men throwing big fish at each other. And I was right! We saw both. We did the market tour on the same day as the underground […]

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Doing our Tourist Thing With the Seattle Underground Tour

Three days on the mountain, three days of hiking, driving and horseback riding our way all over the National Park, and three days of relaxing evenings in the hot tub. Aaaah. That was awesome. Then it was time to hit the city. My dad lives in Tacoma, and I had visited twice before but my […]

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Riding Horses on Mt. Rainier – What a View!

We figured for our last day on the mountain that we’d done enough hiking. We’d let our four legged friends do the work for us this time. Riding horses is one of our favorite things to do during a trip to a new place. We’ve done it at Lake Tahoe, four different times in Brazil, […]

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