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Needle in a Haystack

Somewhere in this maternity hospital on a warm and dry July day in St. Andrews, Scotland, Brian came into the world.   A little more than eight years later on an even warmer October day in Hayward, CA, USA, Peg was born in this building.   Five states, two countries, three marriages, four kids and […]

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Our Previous Brazilian Halloween Party – Expat Style

Now you’ve seen how we celebrated Halloween this year, I thought you might like to see how different it was than our last Brazilian Halloween. Two years ago we spent a Halloween in Brazil in a different city, and we had a completely different experience. I originally wrote this post on my old blog here. […]

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Visa Run – The Not So Simple Process

During our last minute trip to the US last week I was having these confusing moments several times a day. Which country am I in? What side of the road am I supposed to be on? What country did I leave my keys in? Which wallet with what kind of money am I supposed to […]

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Bacon butties at the Scottish border

365 Photo Project – Week 25

We’re on the move and won’t be sitting still in any one place for longer than a few days until next week. Just the way we like it. We had a week to be “home” in Newcastle, where we stayed up way too late every night because it just doesn’t feel like bed time while […]

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We Go, We Stay, We go, We Stay

  For the past several weeks our focus has been getting into the apartment, buying the few things we need, settling in and cooking. Not very exciting for travelers (or blog readers), but it’s kept us busy. There is much to do, and not much time to do it. You see, we’re leaving again. Six […]

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Dude, Where’s My Car?

We had a beautiful afternoon. Angela and I were having a fantastic drive to downtown Houston, sunshine streaming through the open roof of the Jeep, excited to see the unusual and very cool Illuminarium with her boy and we were all smiles.   How could anybody have a bad day when you have the company […]

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How to Put On a Dry Suit – Beginner’s Edition

Have I mentioned that Brian likes to surprise me? Every once in a while he’ll take one of my offhand comments and run with it. In this case he latched on to “I’d like to see puffins in the wild”. We were already planning to head up to Scotland for the weekend to celebrate a […]

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Up Helly Aa 2013 – The Junior Squad

And here you were thinking we were so crazy to be out in the frozen hurricane for the Up Helly Aa torch procession? Is it bad enough that we braved the wind and rain to see a bunch of Vikings burn down a ship? Would you think less of me if I told you we […]

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The Up Helly Aa Torch Procession – 2013

So remember how I was telling you about the beautiful weather during the Vikings’ morning procession for Up Helly Aa? And we were so happy to see clear skies with nearly no wind? And how we thought it would be a beautiful night for the torch procession that evening? Ya, no. That didn’t happen. Instead, […]

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Getting Around and Still Standing

  Once again we’ve had a busy month. In the last five weeks we’ve been to three countries, visited quite a lot of family members, moved to a new apartment, made some new friends, explored our new town, and Brian has started a new job. Phew. My “From Where I Stand” photo project is still […]

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The Edinburgh Fringe – A True Spectacle

I’ll let the photos do the talking. Edinburgh’s Royal Mile has been transformed! Normally you can find two or three buskers up near the castle but for the next three weeks you’ll see dozens and dozens, each one more wild than the next! Of course I had heard of the Fringe Festival before, but I […]

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Have You Seen My Socks?

We’re living out of suitcases, and you’d think that after this much time we’d have a system down. We don’t. Four big suitcases, one backpack, one small suitcase and two laptop cases are scattered around the house with all of our worldly possessions, and we can’t find anything. Have you seen the charger for my […]

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Homeless and Unemployed – Again

I’m out. The house is empty, ready for the painters and the carpet cleaners and renters. I’ve been busting my ass for two weeks to sell all the furniture, donating all the crap very nice items we no longer need, putting more into the little storage unit than I thought we would, cleaning like a […]

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From Where I Stand**

This has been a month of transition. A month of letting go. A month of clearing out our house in Houston, selling furniture, donating car loads of household things. A month of spending time with friends and my children. A month of dealing with visa paperwork and seeing Brian’s face only via Skype from nearly […]

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Breathing Through The Crazy

We’re in between again. We left Brazil and got used to being in the states again. We left Washington and got used to being in Texas again. Now we are leaving Texas and will have to get used to being in Scotland again. Do you have any idea how chaotic it is just to figure […]

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Packed, mobbed, swarming with bikinis

Brazil – Carnaval in a Small Town

We spend a lot of our time in and around Rio das Ostras in Rio de Janeiro state. It’s a beautiful place with fourteen beaches and misty mountains in the distance. It’s easy to see why it’s a tourist destination, catering mostly to Brazilians from other parts of the country. Most people know all about […]

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done for the day

Brazil – Flying High over Rio de Janeiro

Brian doesn’t send me flowers, and he’s not allowed to buy me jewelry. I would so much rather do something with the money he would spend on those things. Instead, when he’s feeling generous, he gives me amazing experiences and I am the luckiest woman alive because he feels generous a lot. He made some […]

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What's the longest, most convoluted and scenic way to get from here to there?

Why We’re Not Going RTW

There seems to be a big trend towards travel bloggers writing about all things RTW. I see page after page of travelers talking about what stage they are in. Some are planning and saving, some are in the late stages of counting down to their launch date, some are on the journey already. There are […]

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