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What Must They Think Of Us?

What Must They Think Of Us?

Now that we’ve lived in four countries our perspectives on what’s culturally “normal” have changed so much that we can no longer even remember what that word means. That’s especially true for us because Brian and I were raised in two different parts of the world and there are huge gaps in the way we […]

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How being an expat can make you feel like you've lost your freedom. http://akiltandacamera.com


Individuals can be said to be in a state of leisure if they simply perceive that they have the freedom to choose activities and are motivated by an activity for its own sake – John Neulinger I’m feeling a bit “not at leisure” lately. Do I have lots of free time? Oh, yes. Lots and […]

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Bringing Home the Stash

Remember when I recently wrote about my expat shopping list before our Oregon trip? As soon as we landed in Portland, we drove straight to Walmart. Seriously, picked up the luggage, picked up the rental car and hooked up the GPS to take us directly there. The fact that I needed new glasses meant that […]

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Cannon Beach, OR, USA - Through the glass ball. www.akiltandacamera.com

365 Photo Project – February 2014

February came and went like a flash, but a really, really eventful flash. Because, dude! We went on vacation to the States! We went to the States because of the Polar Bears. You see, Brian needed to learn how to cross country ski so he can get away from the Polar Bears because he’s going […]

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The Astoria Bridge spanning the Columbia River - A Kilt and A Camera

Astoria, Oregon, USA

My dad was born there but somehow in my many years of traveling I have never been to Astoria. It was time to remedy that. With nearly two weeks to spend in the US, and a busy schedule planned, we bookended the trip with Astoria. We spent the first two days and the last two […]

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Rain on the glass - www.akiltandacamera.com

You All Live With Me Here

They go through my head as I go through my day. When I climb out of bed and see the city outside my window with the morning light streaming across the rooftops, I think of my cousins. I wish I could show them the colors and the way the sun crosses the northern sky. When […]

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St. Andrew's Golf Course - A Kilt and A Camera

2013 A Kilt and A Camera Wrap-Up

Two thousand thirteen. Thirteen! Remember the Y2K fiasco? When we all bought Amish stuff and hoped the world didn’t end? That was fourteen years ago. Holy heck. So, 2013 was a whopper of a year. We seem to have a lot of those, this hot husband and I. Since we met we’ve been trotting around […]

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Circus class!

Old Dogs, New Tricks

So you know how I was saying that settling in a new place is haaard, and making friends is haaard, and finding new activities is haaaard… ? Remember one of my tricks for building a life is to take a class? We found our class! Also, remember how we are getting older, and how gravity […]

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The Newly Arrived Expat Struggle

I have read about a hundred articles and blog posts about how to settle in and build a life in your new community when you move to a new country. Most of them have a few helpful nuggets of wisdom such as “Take some classes”, “volunteer”, and “Get out into your community”. These are things […]

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And Here We Go

One year to the day after Brian started this job, we’ll make another run to London to pick up our passports with their shiny new visas. If you’re keeping track, this is my fifth Brazilian visa, and the third one in this passport alone. Holy cow do I know the ins and outs of dealing […]

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An international couple living abroad

Fitting In and Fighting Homesickness as an Expat

After a solid year of knowing that we’re moving back to Brazil, things are finally, finally moving quickly. The paperwork madness is (we hope) at an end. We have all of our documents in hand and we’re going to show up at the consulate tomorrow to submit everything. With luck, we’ll have our passports back […]

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Visa Run – The Not So Simple Process

During our last minute trip to the US last week I was having these confusing moments several times a day. Which country am I in? What side of the road am I supposed to be on? What country did I leave my keys in? Which wallet with what kind of money am I supposed to […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 26

Here we are half way through the year, which seems fitting given our circumstances. We’re in the middle again. Living in two different countries, in the middle of a move. We’re also half way through our big vacation, and not fully settled anywhere. But it’s been a great week! I’ll say it again, I think […]

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Bacon butties at the Scottish border

365 Photo Project – Week 25

We’re on the move and won’t be sitting still in any one place for longer than a few days until next week. Just the way we like it. We had a week to be “home” in Newcastle, where we stayed up way too late every night because it just doesn’t feel like bed time while […]

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The Light of Summer Solstice

  It’s a midsummer night’s dream. I took this picture at nearly eleven o’clock at night two days ago. Do you see that orange glow at the bottom? That is the sunset. Sunset! In the middle of the night! We left Brazil at the tail end of Autumn, and arrived in England the very next […]

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Ponte Torta in Jundiai, SP, Brazil

365 Photo Project – Week 23

We’re twenty three weeks into the year. How did that happen? It’s June already and my brain is telling me it should be getting warmer. It should be summer but it’s not. It’s winter here in the southern hemisphere. It’s one of those things that I could never wrap my mind around, this switch of […]

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We Go, We Stay, We go, We Stay

  For the past several weeks our focus has been getting into the apartment, buying the few things we need, settling in and cooking. Not very exciting for travelers (or blog readers), but it’s kept us busy. There is much to do, and not much time to do it. You see, we’re leaving again. Six […]

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How Being and Expat has Changed Me

Brian and I had realized how much we cared for each other just a couple of weeks before he was sent to Brazil. Our lives were in chaos, and we didn’t know what was going to happen, but I knew I’d miss him. I visited him there for the first time about seven months later. […]

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Bacon is Bacon, Right?

I thought so too, until I lived outside the US. Most Americans know bacon as it comes from the grocery store; in little stripey strips, pre-cut and pre-packaged in the refrigerated section. Sometimes it’s smoked, sometimes it’s got a maple or honey flavor, and at all times it is SO GOOD. Then I moved to […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 21

We’re really starting to feel at home here in our new city. We know where things are, we have made some new friends, we’re relaxing into the routine of Brian’s work schedule and the rhythm of life in the hotel. Why not shake it up a bit?   After all, when you’re living in a […]

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