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Tynemouth on the River Tyne near Newcastle Upon Tyne, England (from the plane).

365 Photo Project – Week 24

We cleaned, we packed, we left. This was a week of transition between worlds. Again. Our stay in Brazil has temporarily come to an end. We spent the first half of the week taking care of business in Jundiai, running errands, exploring nearby streets, and enjoying our last tastes of local cuisine.   We’ve put […]

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Ponte Torta in Jundiai, SP, Brazil

365 Photo Project – Week 23

We’re twenty three weeks into the year. How did that happen? It’s June already and my brain is telling me it should be getting warmer. It should be summer but it’s not. It’s winter here in the southern hemisphere. It’s one of those things that I could never wrap my mind around, this switch of […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 22

It’s June. How did that happen? When we left England in March, it was winter. When we go back there in two weeks it will be summer. How did the time pass so quickly? Week twenty two, nearly half way through the year, and we’re still going strong. We’ve been in our new apartment for […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 21

We’re really starting to feel at home here in our new city. We know where things are, we have made some new friends, we’re relaxing into the routine of Brian’s work schedule and the rhythm of life in the hotel. Why not shake it up a bit?   After all, when you’re living in a […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 20

Between the chaos surrounding our last minute trip to the US and maddening internet issues back here in Jundiai, I ended up completely skipping the linkup for weeks 18 and 19. Blogger fail. BUT! We’re back on track! Our ridiculously slow internet in the hotel is working today (sort of), and we’ve had a quiet […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 17

I spend a lot of my time walking while I explore Jundiai. It’s a very walkable city, with (mostly) decent sidewalks, a lot of tall buildings for reference, and a downtown area that was laid out in a grid system. So far I’ve only gotten lost once, and even then I still had a good […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 16

I’m having trouble getting the linking app to work, so if you’d like to participate in today’s linkup please leave your link in the comments section. This has been a week of “taking care of business”, and a little bit of exploration while finding new neighborhoods. I started the week with my long walk and […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 15

The evenings here in Jundiai are beautiful. We have a great view of downtown from our balcony, with this church directly in front of us. We think it’s a convent. There seem to be a lot of stooped and ancient nuns coming and going from the house attached to the yard behind the church and […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 14

How are we doing after a week in our new town? We are loving it! The warm weather is on the top of our lists of things that give us the happy. I don’t think either of us realized just how much the cold weather of northern England was affecting us, but now that we’re […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 13

It’s a big week! I don’t know if I’ve ever properly laid out our plans here on the blog, so here’s the deal: Brian is working for a UK company which went into partnership with a Brazilian company to form a third company in Brazil. Got that so far? Well, the UK company is sending […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 11

I worked again this week with Brian and remembered why I do, and don’t, like having a regular full time job. I can tell you with full conviction that I have a deep hatred of crawling out of a warm bed and facing a cold day while it’s still fully dark outside. If it’s dark […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 9

We stayed close to home this week. Brian worked while I spent way too much time home on the laptop working on photos, behind the scenes blog stuff, and general internet time wasting. Sometimes I need these days of hunkering down at home. My introvert-self needs to be quiet and get stuff done. One week […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 8

What better way to start a week than in Edinburgh? The city has quickly become one of my favorite places in all of Scotland because it has everything we could possibly want. There are green spaces, hills to hike, centuries of history, pubs and restaurants galore, a million things to do, and especially people we […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 7

My shots this week were more about experiences than artistic quality. They represent things that happened to us, places we went, and what was happening outside. Here are my favorites of the week:       How about you? Add the link to your favorite photos from the past week. I’d really love to see […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 6

Another week, another seven days, another 168 hours. What did you do this week? It’s time to link up and share your best photo of the week. Doing a daily 365 photo project? A weekly 52? Just love taking photos? Pick your very best from this week and add your link below to share what […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 5

Week five! How fast it goes. It’s been a wild week for us, and I had a million opportunities for photos so I took my camera with me every time we stepped out the door. The door of the apartment, the metro, the train, the bus, the B&B, the Guest House, the pub, the cafe […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 4

When we made plans for my daughter to come visit us in England I started a list of things to do here with her. A sort of local Bucket List, if you will. Some of the things on the list were things I had already done and knew she would enjoy, some were things I […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 3

365 Photo Challenge – Week 3

It’s week three of our 365 photo projects. Are you still going? Have you started? Are you thinking about it? You know if you’re doing a 52 photo project you can join in too, right? One photo a week, pick our best shot. Jump right in, it’s fun! It’s time to link up and share […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 2

365 Photo Challenge – Week 2

Here we are on week two of your 365 photo project. Are you still keeping up with it? Have you started yet? It’s not too late! Here are my two favorites of my week:   It’s been a fun week for me since I have my daughter here visiting and we’ve been spending a lot […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 1

And here we are! Six days in to the new year, and hopefully six days in to your daily photo challenge. What’s that you say? You haven’t started yet? No worries! You can start today, or tomorrow, or on your birthday. There are no deadlines here, we’re making this up as we go along. Since […]

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