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Sunset over Jundiai, SP, Brazil through the crystal ball - http://akiltandacamera.com

365 Photo Project – March 2014

March. March should be spring time. Warmer weather, longer days and flowers starting to bloom. We did get a few blooming flowers on the Jacaranda trees, but other than those purple beauties our March was upside down. Will we ever get used to the seasons in the southern hemisphere? I really don’t think so, those […]

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Graffiti on the streets of Jundiai, SP, Brazil - http://akiltandacamera.com

365 Photo Project – January 2014

Another January has come and gone. Zoooooom! There it went. It’s been a quiet month filled with small things keeping me close to home, but I’ve still found happiness in getting those small things done. This life of international living can sometimes feel very normal. I have chores just like I always have. I still […]

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365 Times Two – Because I Can

I just finished my second 365 photo project. How did I do? Pretty well. I skipped a few days this past year, but I managed to finish strong. So when it came time to decide if I would do it again this year, I don’t think I really even considered not doing it again. My […]

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Tecido Acrobático

Saturday’s portagem class only brought a little bit of soreness the next day, and it gave us a taste of the fun that could be had. Being in the gym, seeing the acrobats and the equipment got my gymnast heart beating again. So I talked my new friend into going back with me and trying […]

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Tynemouth on the River Tyne near Newcastle Upon Tyne, England (from the plane).

365 Photo Project – Week 24

We cleaned, we packed, we left. This was a week of transition between worlds. Again. Our stay in Brazil has temporarily come to an end. We spent the first half of the week taking care of business in Jundiai, running errands, exploring nearby streets, and enjoying our last tastes of local cuisine.   We’ve put […]

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Ponte Torta in Jundiai, SP, Brazil

365 Photo Project – Week 23

We’re twenty three weeks into the year. How did that happen? It’s June already and my brain is telling me it should be getting warmer. It should be summer but it’s not. It’s winter here in the southern hemisphere. It’s one of those things that I could never wrap my mind around, this switch of […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 21

We’re really starting to feel at home here in our new city. We know where things are, we have made some new friends, we’re relaxing into the routine of Brian’s work schedule and the rhythm of life in the hotel. Why not shake it up a bit?   After all, when you’re living in a […]

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The Mundane – The Brazilian Grocery Store

International life is not all excitement and adventure. Sometimes you’ve got to do the boring stuff, like laundry and grocery shopping. And since my mom let me know that she loves it when I post the mundane stuff here, as well as the exciting… Today you get the grocery store, but never fear! When the […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 20

Between the chaos surrounding our last minute trip to the US and maddening internet issues back here in Jundiai, I ended up completely skipping the linkup for weeks 18 and 19. Blogger fail. BUT! We’re back on track! Our ridiculously slow internet in the hotel is working today (sort of), and we’ve had a quiet […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 17

I spend a lot of my time walking while I explore Jundiai. It’s a very walkable city, with (mostly) decent sidewalks, a lot of tall buildings for reference, and a downtown area that was laid out in a grid system. So far I’ve only gotten lost once, and even then I still had a good […]

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The Sounds of a Jundiai Morning

  The sun rises across the city from our balcony as the sound of early morning traffic starts out quiet and slow, but gradually grows louder and faster. By the time the sun is casting shadows across the buildings, the trucks are in full roar. Within thirty minutes of sunrise someone with a microphone and […]

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In the Office or Far Away

I got to go in to the office with Brian today. True, it may not be our favorite way to spend a Saturday morning, but he had an important meeting while the boss is in town and I really wanted to finally see where he spends his days.   The four of them sat behind […]

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Cemitério Nossa Senhora Desterro – Jundiaí

While browsing around the online maps of Jundiaí, I found an odd looking area that didn’t quite look like a park, but definitely wasn’t any kind of apartment or shopping area. There were trees, and row upon row of smallish boxes. And it was a BIG area. Zooming in, I couldn’t believe what I was […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 15

The evenings here in Jundiai are beautiful. We have a great view of downtown from our balcony, with this church directly in front of us. We think it’s a convent. There seem to be a lot of stooped and ancient nuns coming and going from the house attached to the yard behind the church and […]

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In Relocation Limbo

In Relocation Limbo

  The days are floating by. Brian heads off to work, and I open the sliding glass door to our small veranda and let in the cool morning air and the sounds of the city. I see the park behind the hotel, full of green trees waving in the breeze. Flocks of green parakeets bouncing […]

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Getting to Know Jundiaí

Our mission for the next two months: Get to know the area and find a place to live. This? This is not our first rodeo. This will be my third international move, and Brian’s fourth. I wouldn’t say we’ve got it down to a science (it’s way too messy and overwhelming to think it could […]

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