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Getting Around and Still Standing

  Once again we’ve had a busy month. In the last five weeks we’ve been to three countries, visited quite a lot of family members, moved to a new apartment, made some new friends, explored our new town, and Brian has started a new job. Phew. My “From Where I Stand” photo project is still […]

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The Coffee Shops of Amsterdam

You know about the coffee shops, don’t you? You don’t go there if you actually want coffee. For coffee you go to the cafe. What you’ll find in the coffee shops is not caffeine. In case you didn’t know, there are a few things that are legal in the Netherlands that are not legal in […]

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The Graffiti of Amsterdam

Call it art, call it vandalism, call it political statement or emotional expression. Some of it is pretty incredible.   And it doesn’t stop with spray paint. I think this was my favorite.   On the map: Click here to see this location on our Google Map.

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Amsterdam’s Canals by Boat

We really didn’t know much about Amsterdam before we arrived. With only two days of planning we didn’t have time to do our usual routine of research before we left (I should say my routine of relentless Google stalking). I really didn’t realize the extent of the canal system. I knew they had canals, but […]

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Minties B&B in Amsterdam

What do you do when you decide to take a last minute trip somewhere? Do you book the flight and hope you can find a room, or do you book your rooms first and hope you don’t get screwed on the cost of the flight? Or are you one of those responsible people who does […]

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The Bicycles of Amsterdam

Wait, what? You’re where now? You know, rambling around Scotland and seeing the highlands one week, and off to Amsterdam the next week. That’s normal, right? It is when you’re a geographically displaced couple like us who will soon have to get back to a regular work schedule, and you want to squeeze all the […]

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