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The point over Manzanita, OR - http://akiltandacamera.com

The Point at Manzanita, OR

During our short stay in Astoria, we took the grand tour with our friends to see as much of the area as we could. Greg and Jenn led the way to all their favorite scenic locations. Their secret plan to make us fall in love with Oregon so that we would move there and live […]

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Geocaching, fun for the whole family worldwide.

Back on the Geocaching Trail!

Have I mentioned that we’re geocachers? Way back in 2001 I had just moved from Reno, NV to Corona, CA and didn’t know a soul. I had two tiny kids and my very first internet connection. A lucky random click during my first exploration into the mighty world wide web brought me to the Geocaching.com […]

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Setting Foot on the Isle of May

Half way around the Isle of May we pulled into the little harbor on the North Sea side of the island.   Brian and Tam had held back as long as they could, and finally had their fun by jumping in the water. In February. In the North Sea.   I, however, am not a […]

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High Force What?

When a friend told me we should check out High Force I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. Just the words brought pictures of skydiving and military training to mind. Do we seem like people who want to jump out of planes? Or play at bootcamp? Or shoot anything? I assure you, we are […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 1

And here we are! Six days in to the new year, and hopefully six days in to your daily photo challenge. What’s that you say? You haven’t started yet? No worries! You can start today, or tomorrow, or on your birthday. There are no deadlines here, we’re making this up as we go along. Since […]

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Christmas Eve in Pooley Bridge, England

What’s a couple to do for Christmas when the kids are all spending it elsewhere, when we don’t buy each other gifts, and we don’t observe the holiday (or anything else) in a religious manner? We run away. We go exploring. We get out of Dodge. Brian and I found a self catering cottage in […]

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Family Connections and Gibside National Trust

You know one of the really nice things about being a cross cultural/international couple? One or both of us have family and friends all over the world. For now we’re back in Newcastle in north east England and we’re lucky enough to live just minutes from Brian’s aunt, uncle and cousins. It’s been years since […]

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The Rocks of St. Mary’s Island

This is why we like to explore outside of the tours, leave the path and find out what’s on the other side.   The lighthouse was beautiful, and while the visitor’s center and the climb to the top are worth doing, the real treat was outside.   Outside is where you find the life.   […]

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Trekking in Comrie

We’ve had such a whirlwind (literally) five days driving and trekking all over western Scotland, and I’ve had five days of getting in to the nuts and bolts of my new camera, so my posts are going to be a bit photo heavy for the next little while. I know you don’t mind. At least, […]

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Arthur’s Seat and Shaky Legs

We arrived in Edinburgh two weeks ago for another house sitting assignment, and promptly did our best to get out nearly every day to explore and get to know the city while we’re here. We’ve had odd weather, like everyone else in the world. For most of Scotland, Global Weirding has meant no summer. We’ve […]

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Hiking Mt. Rainier National Park – Christine Falls

That hot tub in our cabin was AWESOME. Three days of cruising around a giant national park, and we had a bubbly, hot place to just soak and relax after all the hiking. On day three, we drove further into the park for our second hike. We’d stopped the first day to take some photos […]

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Hiking Mt. Rainier National Park – Kautz Creek

After a great soak in the hot tub and a really good night sleep in our cozy cabin we were ready for a hike in the park. We did our recon the day before, and decided to head up the Kautz Creek Trail. The first .75 miles of the trail is new, and relatively flat. […]

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Gig Harbor View

Trails and Paws in Point Defiance

What is one to do when bringing a Scotsman to see Washington state for the first time? A Scotsman who loves the outdoors, cool weather, hiking, mountains, trees, and water? You show him everything! I think Washington was custom built for Brian. As soon as we got off the plane and he felt the crisp […]

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It washes off

Brazil – Fazenda Shangri-La in Aldeia Velha

Aldeia Velha (old village) is a tiny little town near Casimiro de Abreu in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Nearly two hours of highway and six kilometers of dirt road off the main highway will bring you through farm land full of cows, horses, burros, chickens and the occasional turkey to this […]

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