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Time to reflect in the Brazilian sun - http://akiltandacamera.com

365 Photo Project – April 2014

Travel. It doesn’t feel like travel anymore. We live here. It still doesn’t feel like home sometimes, but it’s more familiar now. Life is pretty normal, full of things like work, laundry, riding my bike and figuring out what’s for dinner, with the occasional weekend in the mountains with friends. Those weekends in the mountains […]

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Cannon Beach, OR, USA - Through the glass ball. www.akiltandacamera.com

365 Photo Project – February 2014

February came and went like a flash, but a really, really eventful flash. Because, dude! We went on vacation to the States! We went to the States because of the Polar Bears. You see, Brian needed to learn how to cross country ski so he can get away from the Polar Bears because he’s going […]

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Graffiti on the streets of Jundiai, SP, Brazil - http://akiltandacamera.com

365 Photo Project – January 2014

Another January has come and gone. Zoooooom! There it went. It’s been a quiet month filled with small things keeping me close to home, but I’ve still found happiness in getting those small things done. This life of international living can sometimes feel very normal. I have chores just like I always have. I still […]

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From Where I Stand – Day 365

From Where I Stand – Day 365

Tomorrow marks 366 days since I started this photo project. A whole year! I’ve taken a photo of my feet, wherever they’ve taken me, every day for a whole year (except for that mystery day in July. I just can’t figure out which day I missed). One more photo to go. New Year’s Eve. I’ll […]

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Getting Around and Still Standing

  Once again we’ve had a busy month. In the last five weeks we’ve been to three countries, visited quite a lot of family members, moved to a new apartment, made some new friends, explored our new town, and Brian has started a new job. Phew. My “From Where I Stand” photo project is still […]

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From Where I Stand**

This has been a month of transition. A month of letting go. A month of clearing out our house in Houston, selling furniture, donating car loads of household things. A month of spending time with friends and my children. A month of dealing with visa paperwork and seeing Brian’s face only via Skype from nearly […]

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