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Shopping at the mercadão

The Mercadão

Here we are, nearly a week into full time living in Brazil. You might think that means it’s a crazy week spent running around like mad men getting everything set up, hooked up, stocked up and finding our way around, but it’s really not. We got all of that out of the way when we […]

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How Being and Expat has Changed Me

Brian and I had realized how much we cared for each other just a couple of weeks before he was sent to Brazil. Our lives were in chaos, and we didn’t know what was going to happen, but I knew I’d miss him. I visited him there for the first time about seven months later. […]

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Bacon is Bacon, Right?

I thought so too, until I lived outside the US. Most Americans know bacon as it comes from the grocery store; in little stripey strips, pre-cut and pre-packaged in the refrigerated section. Sometimes it’s smoked, sometimes it’s got a maple or honey flavor, and at all times it is SO GOOD. Then I moved to […]

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The Mundane – The Brazilian Grocery Store

International life is not all excitement and adventure. Sometimes you’ve got to do the boring stuff, like laundry and grocery shopping. And since my mom let me know that she loves it when I post the mundane stuff here, as well as the exciting… Today you get the grocery store, but never fear! When the […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 20

Between the chaos surrounding our last minute trip to the US and maddening internet issues back here in Jundiai, I ended up completely skipping the linkup for weeks 18 and 19. Blogger fail. BUT! We’re back on track! Our ridiculously slow internet in the hotel is working today (sort of), and we’ve had a quiet […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 14

How are we doing after a week in our new town? We are loving it! The warm weather is on the top of our lists of things that give us the happy. I don’t think either of us realized just how much the cold weather of northern England was affecting us, but now that we’re […]

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1st of Many Challenges in Brazil – Food

Food. We’re staying in a hotel with a kitchenette, and while this is really convenient for snacks and cold drinks, it’s not entirely ideal for two months of living.   We have a microwave and a tiny dorm sized fridge, and we even have a cook top, but no pots or pans so they’re not […]

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Edinburgh’s Charming Hidden Cafe

Speaking of Edinburgh, I have to tell you about a little hidden cafe my daughter and I stumbled into.   We were looking for a coffee shop where we could warm up our hands and find a bite to eat, but wanted to stay away from the big chains which seem to be on every […]

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Alnwick’s Treehouse Restaurant for the Holidays

We had a plan when we showed up in Alnwick. We’d see the book store, stop by a local restaurant for a meal, then head to the Alnwick Castle Gardens. The restaurant we wanted to see is not just any restaurant. It’s the Treehouse.   Built high up in the branches of mature lime trees, […]

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Pub Grub at the South Causey Inn

When Sharon and I finished with our trek through Gibside National Trust, she drove me to another nearby treat.     The sun was starting to head towards the horizon, which meant it was about 3pm. That’s very nearly nightfall here in December and it was getting cold, but the slanting light made the already […]

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A Night With A Cook in a Curry

Have I mentioned that I don’t cook? I’m sure I have. It’s sort of an ongoing difficulty. Combine my lazy eating habits with my history of growing up with a meat-and-potatoes dad who didn’t encourage much creativity in the kitchen, and you get a person who is perfectly happy with cheese, crackers and grapes for […]

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Candy, Candy, Candy in Comrie

What do you do when you’re having a great time exploring a new city, finding new local hangouts, seeing all the local shows, making new local friends, enjoying your temporary roommates in your new flat, and generally loving where you are? If you’re us, you leave! We got all spontaneous and jumped in the car. […]

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The Edinburgh Farmer’s Market

Oh, Edinburgh, I am thoroughly enjoying this brief fling we’re having. We won’t be here long. Maybe another month, maybe two? We don’t know, our lives are sort of a roulette wheel right now. We’ve been here for about three weeks so far, trekking all over the city. We walk everywhere, and every time we […]

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Marking Time in Paradise – Mt. Rainier

Remember how excited Brian was to see all that snow stacked up? It was so amazing we had to go back for more. Our previous visit to the visitor’s center on Mt. Rainier was just before the regular spring season, and the lodge was closed. We made plans to go back on our last full […]

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Running Out of Time in Tillicum Village

We were running out of time. One thing we’re used to after years of a long distance relationship, and living on two continents, is running out of time. This time we were running out of time in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle and the surrounding areas had been so good to us, it was hard think […]

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A Food Tour in Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market. What does that make you think of? For me it was only two things. The public market sign you see in the photo below, and big men throwing big fish at each other. And I was right! We saw both. We did the market tour on the same day as the underground […]

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A gente felize mora aqui

Brazil – Kickin’ Our Feet Up in Rio das Ostras

Welcome home. Rio das Ostras is a city on the coast of Rio de Janeiro state. It takes about two and a half hours to drive here directly up the coast from the city of Rio de Janeiro if you manage to avoid traffic. I think that has happened to us once in the last […]

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Anstruther pier

Scotland – Turning 40 in Anstruther

Brian is a Fifer, born and raised not very far from Anstruther. He grew up knowing the best fish supper was just up the road in this little shop called the Waterfront Chip Shop. Do you see it there? Just to the left of the Waterfront restaurant. Brian told me stories of his youth when […]

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