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Nothing like flying home through a beautiful sky

Airports, Airplanes and Airport Pubs

We spend a lot of time in airports and on airplanes. Like, A LOT. Looking back through my photos today I realized I have taken photos inside of airports and airplanes on average every other month. That’s a lot of security checks. We spend a lot of time doing this:   Looking out a lot […]

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Quick! Get on the Plane!

What happens when you’re in Brazil, and you realize you’re just days away from missing a very important US deadline? When your husband’s green card is in jeopardy because he’s been out of the country too long? When you have to get back RIGHT NOW? You make some very hurried last minute arrangements, pack as […]

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365 Photo Project – Week 13

It’s a big week! I don’t know if I’ve ever properly laid out our plans here on the blog, so here’s the deal: Brian is working for a UK company which went into partnership with a Brazilian company to form a third company in Brazil. Got that so far? Well, the UK company is sending […]

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done for the day

Brazil – Flying High over Rio de Janeiro

Brian doesn’t send me flowers, and he’s not allowed to buy me jewelry. I would so much rather do something with the money he would spend on those things. Instead, when he’s feeling generous, he gives me amazing experiences and I am the luckiest woman alive because he feels generous a lot. He made some […]

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