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Visit a street festival in Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba Street Fair

While things are quiet at home, let me tell you about a previous trip to Curitiba. I hope you enjoy it even a little bit as much as I did. November means Christmas shopping and my Girl was on the hunt for a few things from Brazil for her family back home. On Sundays Curitiba […]

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Architects of Air in Houston, TX

When I left Houston to move to Brazil, and then to the UK, I left behind a really fantastic group of friends from my photography club, but thanks to Facebook I’ve still been able to stalk all of their beautiful photos online. I had seen a few posted showing “Architects of Air” and had been […]

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The Shetland Museum and The Jarl Squad

  During the day of Up Helly Aa there is a break in the festivities between the morning procession and the torch procession after dark. The Jarl Squad is making its way through the town, stopping in to several local schools and official buildings as part of their duties of the day. While they’re about […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 5

Week five! How fast it goes. It’s been a wild week for us, and I had a million opportunities for photos so I took my camera with me every time we stepped out the door. The door of the apartment, the metro, the train, the bus, the B&B, the Guest House, the pub, the cafe […]

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Up Helly Aa 2013 – The Junior Squad

And here you were thinking we were so crazy to be out in the frozen hurricane for the Up Helly Aa torch procession? Is it bad enough that we braved the wind and rain to see a bunch of Vikings burn down a ship? Would you think less of me if I told you we […]

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The Up Helly Aa Torch Procession – 2013

So remember how I was telling you about the beautiful weather during the Vikings’ morning procession for Up Helly Aa? And we were so happy to see clear skies with nearly no wind? And how we thought it would be a beautiful night for the torch procession that evening? Ya, no. That didn’t happen. Instead, […]

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Up Helly Aa Morning in Lerwick – 2013

A year of hoping, months of poking around for information, a dozen phone calls, frantic internet searches for tickets and accommodation, some ups and downs during the course of planning, and finally we were there! I first heard of Up Helly Aa a year ago when Adventurous Kate wrote about her experience. I knew right […]

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The Edinburgh Military Tattoo

This is my fourth time to visit Scotland. Every other time I’ve been here in the summer, we missed the Tattoo by just a few days. Have I mentioned that I’m a sucker for musical shows and pageantry? This time, as soon as I knew we’d be here at the right time I started pestering […]

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The Edinburgh Fringe – A True Spectacle

I’ll let the photos do the talking. Edinburgh’s Royal Mile has been transformed! Normally you can find two or three buskers up near the castle but for the next three weeks you’ll see dozens and dozens, each one more wild than the next! Of course I had heard of the Fringe Festival before, but I […]

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Packed, mobbed, swarming with bikinis

Brazil – Carnaval in a Small Town

We spend a lot of our time in and around Rio das Ostras in Rio de Janeiro state. It’s a beautiful place with fourteen beaches and misty mountains in the distance. It’s easy to see why it’s a tourist destination, catering mostly to Brazilians from other parts of the country. Most people know all about […]

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Texas – Trail of Lights in Wimberly

What is one to do on a chilly December night in Wimberly? If you don’t want to miss the hottest action in town, you go see the annual Trail of Lights at the EmilyAnn Theater. You put on your gloves and parka, and maybe a hat, grab yourself a hot chocolate and a hot date […]

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Not a kilt

Rio de Janeiro – Sambadrome

The world famous Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro. We saw it for the first time during a very touristy bus tour of the city. I was surprised as we pulled in to the parking space just next to the bleacher style seats. When the party is over, and the massive and oddly shaped stadium is […]

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