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St. Andrew's Golf Course - A Kilt and A Camera

2013 A Kilt and A Camera Wrap-Up

Two thousand thirteen. Thirteen! Remember the Y2K fiasco? When we all bought Amish stuff and hoped the world didn’t end? That was fourteen years ago. Holy heck. So, 2013 was a whopper of a year. We seem to have a lot of those, this hot husband and I. Since we met we’ve been trotting around […]

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Bacon butties at the Scottish border

365 Photo Project – Week 25

We’re on the move and won’t be sitting still in any one place for longer than a few days until next week. Just the way we like it. We had a week to be “home” in Newcastle, where we stayed up way too late every night because it just doesn’t feel like bed time while […]

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The Highest Point in Central Edinburgh

At the top of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh sits a massive church tower. It is the closest of the large churches to the castle itself, and it’s spire is the highest point in central Edinburgh. Such a stunning and romantic building doesn’t quite fit its name. It is simply… The Hub. Built between 1842 […]

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The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh

How do you spell it? Whisky or Whiskey? That depends on where it came from. If it came from America then it is whiskey, but if your golden “water of life” came from beautiful Scotland? Then you spell it the proper way – whisky. Or not. Really, the spelling seems to be regional and depends almost […]

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George Heriot’s School – The Inspiration for Hogwarts

Seen here from the roof of Ediburgh’s Camera Obscura on the Royal Mile, it’s easy to understand how this 400 year old school inspired JK Rowling to create a magical school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Most of us know that Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book while staying warm in the Elephant Cafe in […]

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Edinburgh’s Charming Hidden Cafe

Speaking of Edinburgh, I have to tell you about a little hidden cafe my daughter and I stumbled into.   We were looking for a coffee shop where we could warm up our hands and find a bite to eat, but wanted to stay away from the big chains which seem to be on every […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 8

What better way to start a week than in Edinburgh? The city has quickly become one of my favorite places in all of Scotland because it has everything we could possibly want. There are green spaces, hills to hike, centuries of history, pubs and restaurants galore, a million things to do, and especially people we […]

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Rugby! Where the Men are Men and the Balls are Scared

Back in June, when Brian was already in Scotland and I was waiting for my visa in Houston he made arrangements for a big birthday surprise for me. He bought the tickets, invited friends and made a loose plan for a fun weekend in Edinburgh. My birthday is in October. Brian has about a two […]

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The Edinburgh Military Tattoo

This is my fourth time to visit Scotland. Every other time I’ve been here in the summer, we missed the Tattoo by just a few days. Have I mentioned that I’m a sucker for musical shows and pageantry? This time, as soon as I knew we’d be here at the right time I started pestering […]

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St. Giles Cathedral Because it Rained

What do you do when you’ve only been in Scotland for a few weeks and haven’t yet been smart enough to buy yourself an umbrella? And you’ve left the house during a brief hour of beautiful sunshine which made you think you didn’t need your waterproof jacket? And you’re enjoying the crazy which is the […]

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The Ghosts of Memories at Holyrood Palace

You know when you go outside and intend to just explore your new neighborhood for a little while? See where you’re living? Find out if there is a cool coffee shop or bookstore on the next block over? And then you find yourself two miles away and on a tour of a nine hundred year […]

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The Edinburgh Farmer’s Market

Oh, Edinburgh, I am thoroughly enjoying this brief fling we’re having. We won’t be here long. Maybe another month, maybe two? We don’t know, our lives are sort of a roulette wheel right now. We’ve been here for about three weeks so far, trekking all over the city. We walk everywhere, and every time we […]

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Arthur’s Seat and Shaky Legs

We arrived in Edinburgh two weeks ago for another house sitting assignment, and promptly did our best to get out nearly every day to explore and get to know the city while we’re here. We’ve had odd weather, like everyone else in the world. For most of Scotland, Global Weirding has meant no summer. We’ve […]

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The Edinburgh Fringe – A True Spectacle

I’ll let the photos do the talking. Edinburgh’s Royal Mile has been transformed! Normally you can find two or three buskers up near the castle but for the next three weeks you’ll see dozens and dozens, each one more wild than the next! Of course I had heard of the Fringe Festival before, but I […]

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Enlightenment in Edinburgh

Do you know about Meetup.com? I found it a couple of years ago in Houston, joined a few photography groups and suddenly I had friends! A social life! Plans! I think I had lived in Houston for three or four years before I found Meetup, had worked at a few different jobs and even had […]

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