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Brazilian Road Trip to Curitiba

Life has been rather domestic these past couple of weeks. Instead of recounting my trips to the grocery store I thought you’d like to read about my very first Brazilian road trip from a little while back. My daughter was in Brazil for a visit and our good friends took us home with them. Twenty […]

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Dude, Where’s My Car?

We had a beautiful afternoon. Angela and I were having a fantastic drive to downtown Houston, sunshine streaming through the open roof of the Jeep, excited to see the unusual and very cool Illuminarium with her boy and we were all smiles.   How could anybody have a bad day when you have the company […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 7

My shots this week were more about experiences than artistic quality. They represent things that happened to us, places we went, and what was happening outside. Here are my favorites of the week:       How about you? Add the link to your favorite photos from the past week. I’d really love to see […]

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Raby Castle

  Do you know how much I love just stumbling across ancient castles all over the UK? Every time we get in the car and go for a drive we see at least one. They usually pop up unexpectedly around a bend in the road when we’re out in the country, just like this one […]

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High Force What?

When a friend told me we should check out High Force I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. Just the words brought pictures of skydiving and military training to mind. Do we seem like people who want to jump out of planes? Or play at bootcamp? Or shoot anything? I assure you, we are […]

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The Road to Achiltibuie

When we left Ullapool, we were disappointed about missing the boat to the Summer Isles. I really wanted to see some whales and puffins. I have a special place in my heart for puffins. But as we drove, all thoughts about what we were missing disappeared quickly. We really weren’t missing anything, we only traded […]

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The Isle of Skye

We spent two and a half days driving all the way around The Isle of Skye. We made several stops, including two hotels, one ruined castle, one castle that is still occasionally lived in, a museum and a few small towns, and I’ll write about those later, but I’ll let the following photos of the […]

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Huntly Castle – Walking in Robert the Bruce’s Footsteps

We have a love of surprises and blind turns. While on a job hunting road trip, which was planned as a quick overnighter and suddenly turned into a three day journey, we found ourselves winding through the roads on the east coast of northern Scotland. It’s pretty up there, with rolling hills and thick forests. […]

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Mt. Rainier for Beginners

Amazingly, incredibly, unbelievably warm and beautiful weather for a solid week in the Seattle area? In May? Inconceivable. But we got it. The beginning of the week had the warmest days in the forecast, so at my dad’s suggestion we booked a last minute cabin in Ashford, just outside the entrance of Mt. Rainier National […]

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Drive Me, Drive You, Drive Anywhere

Why do we fall in to certain driving habits? I realized after Brian got here over a week ago that we’ve switched rolls. In Brazil, he drove. Actually I wasn’t really supposed to drive the company car, but I was completely capable of navigating the crazy anarchy of the traffic. I played designated driver a […]

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