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Cemitério Nossa Senhora Desterro – Jundiaí

While browsing around the online maps of Jundiaí, I found an odd looking area that didn’t quite look like a park, but definitely wasn’t any kind of apartment or shopping area. There were trees, and row upon row of smallish boxes. And it was a BIG area. Zooming in, I couldn’t believe what I was […]

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The Priory at Tynemouth

We had been here a week. I’d taken the Metro once, walked my neighborhood once, taken the bus to the supermarket once. I didn’t know my way around, didn’t know what was here, and we had a visitor. Brian’s brother came down and spent a week with us. Have you ever had a visitor and […]

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What The Heck is a Nigg Hurch?

Brian was finally able to pull me away from  adorable Willow the owl, and we continued our drive up, up, up the east coast of Scotland. We were on our way to drop off some resumes at a company which we thought was on the Black Isle. No worries, the Black Isle is just over […]

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Dunfermline Abbey Cemetery in the Rain

Be still my cemetery-nerd heart. One of the things I was really looking forward to about living in Scotland was the chance to see so much history preserved. My short American history only gives me about three hundred years of tangible things to see, and not much of it (which is why I loved Old […]

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