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Visit Jardim Botanico in Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba – Buddha Spotting in Jardim Botânico

This week while things are slow at home I’m looking back on my big road. My daughter was visiting and our good friends took us home with them to visit family. The first thing we did after we arrived? Took a power nap and had a good family lunch with Glaucio’s mother. Nothing recharges your […]

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Visit Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, UK

Am I Really Standing at Stonehenge?

Why hello! I’m sure I only have about two readers left after my brief-ish hiatus from blogging (hi mom!), so I hope the long wait was worth it. I figured I’d come back with a post about a BIG DEAL. OK, maybe not a big deal to you, but a really big deal to me. […]

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Architects of Air in Houston, TX

When I left Houston to move to Brazil, and then to the UK, I left behind a really fantastic group of friends from my photography club, but thanks to Facebook I’ve still been able to stalk all of their beautiful photos online. I had seen a few posted showing “Architects of Air” and had been […]

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On the Roman Frontier – Segedunum in Wallsend

The town of Wallsend in northern England is so called because it was literally the end of Hadrian’s Wall, which was built on the edge of the Roman frontier to keep the picts out of their hard won territory. It was less of a battle line than a migration deterrent, but it’s actual purpose is […]

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The Discovery Museum in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Looking for a family friendly place to take the kids where they can roam freely, touch nearly everything and learn about the history of northern England, engineering, light, electricity, manufacturing, naval science and more? Looking for a place that will make you go, “Wow!” when you come through the doors? A place with a friendly […]

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St. Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Right in the heart of Newcastle sit the historical foundations of the city. As the name of the city implies, there is indeed a “new” castle here. It was built by Robert Curthose, son of William the Conqueror, in 1080 and even by British standards I think that qualifies as “old”. Just a very short […]

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The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh

How do you spell it? Whisky or Whiskey? That depends on where it came from. If it came from America then it is whiskey, but if your golden “water of life” came from beautiful Scotland? Then you spell it the proper way – whisky. Or not. Really, the spelling seems to be regional and depends almost […]

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365 Photo Challenge – Week 4

When we made plans for my daughter to come visit us in England I started a list of things to do here with her. A sort of local Bucket List, if you will. Some of the things on the list were things I had already done and knew she would enjoy, some were things I […]

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Raby Castle

  Do you know how much I love just stumbling across ancient castles all over the UK? Every time we get in the car and go for a drive we see at least one. They usually pop up unexpectedly around a bend in the road when we’re out in the country, just like this one […]

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Alnwick Castle Gardens in Winter

Full of good food and laughing after our swing through the trees, we walked next door to the Alnwick Castle Gardens. At first I was disappointed because we really wanted to tour the castle itself, but found out just a few days before that it’s closed for the winter. Apparently the Duke of Northumberland and […]

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Keep Calm and Go to the Book Store

You’ve seen them. We’ve all seen them. Keep calm and eat cookies. Keep calm and kill zombies. Keep calm and call your mom. Keep calm and hakuna matata. But do you know the story? How these posters became a viral meme? It all started with a train station.   The train station in Alnwick, England […]

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High Force What?

When a friend told me we should check out High Force I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. Just the words brought pictures of skydiving and military training to mind. Do we seem like people who want to jump out of planes? Or play at bootcamp? Or shoot anything? I assure you, we are […]

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On the Roman Frontier – Vindolanda Fort in Northumberland

You know all that English and Scottish history I keep talking about? There is just no escaping it. We see it when we walk through every city, drive every country road, and climb every hill. We stumble across it even when we’re not looking for it. Want job security? Become an archaeologist. There will never […]

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Family Connections and Gibside National Trust

You know one of the really nice things about being a cross cultural/international couple? One or both of us have family and friends all over the world. For now we’re back in Newcastle in north east England and we’re lucky enough to live just minutes from Brian’s aunt, uncle and cousins. It’s been years since […]

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Rugby! Where the Men are Men and the Balls are Scared

Back in June, when Brian was already in Scotland and I was waiting for my visa in Houston he made arrangements for a big birthday surprise for me. He bought the tickets, invited friends and made a loose plan for a fun weekend in Edinburgh. My birthday is in October. Brian has about a two […]

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The Priory at Tynemouth

We had been here a week. I’d taken the Metro once, walked my neighborhood once, taken the bus to the supermarket once. I didn’t know my way around, didn’t know what was here, and we had a visitor. Brian’s brother came down and spent a week with us. Have you ever had a visitor and […]

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Climbing the Lighthouse in Whitley Bay

Now that our time in Scotland is done, and our short trip to Amsterdam is over, we’ll be spending the next several months in the north east of England. It’s a place that neither Brian nor I have spent much time, only a few holiday trips over the years. Now that we have a few […]

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The Coffee Shops of Amsterdam

You know about the coffee shops, don’t you? You don’t go there if you actually want coffee. For coffee you go to the cafe. What you’ll find in the coffee shops is not caffeine. In case you didn’t know, there are a few things that are legal in the Netherlands that are not legal in […]

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The Edinburgh Military Tattoo

This is my fourth time to visit Scotland. Every other time I’ve been here in the summer, we missed the Tattoo by just a few days. Have I mentioned that I’m a sucker for musical shows and pageantry? This time, as soon as I knew we’d be here at the right time I started pestering […]

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St. Giles Cathedral Because it Rained

What do you do when you’ve only been in Scotland for a few weeks and haven’t yet been smart enough to buy yourself an umbrella? And you’ve left the house during a brief hour of beautiful sunshine which made you think you didn’t need your waterproof jacket? And you’re enjoying the crazy which is the […]

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