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Horses in the Brazilian Rainforest

Remembering a Ride Through the Rainforest

While we’re traveling between worlds I thought I’d give you a glimpse of our previous life in Brazil. This is the second of two different day or weekend trips we enjoyed when we lived here before. This post was originally published on Oct. 19th, 2011 on my old blog. At the time we lived about […]

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Monkeys in the Park

How is it possible to not be excited by monkeys in the wild? I mean, sure, if you’re in survival mode and they’re attacking you then you’re probably not a fan, but everybody else? They are just too fascinating, and in this case adorable, to ignore. Remember my new Brazilian friend, Lu? She is Brian’s […]

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The Seals and Cliffs of the Isle of May

Finally, all snug in our drysuits and on our way to the Isle of May with only minimal splashing.   The five mile ride to the island was freezing cold but smooth, and so fun. It wasn’t long before the little smudge on the horizon loomed just off the front of the boat, and we […]

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Christmas Eve in Pooley Bridge, England

What’s a couple to do for Christmas when the kids are all spending it elsewhere, when we don’t buy each other gifts, and we don’t observe the holiday (or anything else) in a religious manner? We run away. We go exploring. We get out of Dodge. Brian and I found a self catering cottage in […]

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The Road to Achiltibuie

When we left Ullapool, we were disappointed about missing the boat to the Summer Isles. I really wanted to see some whales and puffins. I have a special place in my heart for puffins. But as we drove, all thoughts about what we were missing disappeared quickly. We really weren’t missing anything, we only traded […]

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Trekking in Comrie

We’ve had such a whirlwind (literally) five days driving and trekking all over western Scotland, and I’ve had five days of getting in to the nuts and bolts of my new camera, so my posts are going to be a bit photo heavy for the next little while. I know you don’t mind. At least, […]

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A Dunfermline Treasure Hunt

In all my internet and list making geekiness I somehow stumbled across something that looked like it might be fun. There is a site called Treasure Trails which can set you up with a treasure hunting walk in most regions of the UK. Walking, sight seeing, clue finding and the possibility of a prize at […]

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A Morbid Mystery at Deep Sea World

Dunfermline has turned out to be the perfect jumping off point to start getting to know Scotland. We’re close enough to Edinburgh to pop in to the city whenever we want to, and far enough to avoid the bustle and traffic. There are quite a few things to see within a twenty minute drive from  […]

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Trekking Through Northwest Trek

So we have ten days to spend in the Tacoma/Seattle area. What to see, what to see? Well, what kind of stuff do we like? Put us outside and we’re both happy. Show us a few animals, and throw in an ice cream cone and we’re on top of the world. Guess what we found? […]

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Gig Harbor View

Trails and Paws in Point Defiance

What is one to do when bringing a Scotsman to see Washington state for the first time? A Scotsman who loves the outdoors, cool weather, hiking, mountains, trees, and water? You show him everything! I think Washington was custom built for Brian. As soon as we got off the plane and he felt the crisp […]

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Brian after the ride

Brazil – Horseback Riding in the Atlantic Rainforest

Brian and I are a good team when we travel. He likes the countryside, wild camping and getting his hands dirty. I like those things too, but once in a while I twist his arm to take me into the city for a show. We’re both perfectly happy knowing I am not a shopper. One […]

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