Scotland – Turning 40 in Anstruther

Brian is a Fifer, born and raised not very far from Anstruther. He grew up knowing the best fish supper was just up the road in this little shop called the Waterfront Chip Shop.
Anstruther chip shopDo you see it there? Just to the left of the Waterfront restaurant. Brian told me stories of his youth when his family came here especially for their fish supper, and I was not disappointed.

This was a big birthday for me. I turned forty, which was a big enough occasion, but it was also my first trip to Scotland. Thanks to my mother’s and grandmother’s shared long term hobby of doing our family genealogy research, I know that I am very roughly one quarter Irish, one quarter English, one quarter Danish and one quarter Scottish. Brian took me back to my roots, and back to his home all at the same time.

I could think of nothing better after our day of exploration all over St. Andrews than a perfect and traditional fish supper (that’s Fish and Chips to us Americans) on the pier.

Fish supper on the Anstruther pierOh, yes. That is an Iron Bru in my hand. I’ve come to learn that it’s just not a real fish supper unless you also drink an Iron Bru.

There I was, freezing my ass off on a cold October day, sitting on the ice cold stones of the pier, working hard to keep the seagulls away from my fries, and loving every minute of it. I could think of no better way to ring in my new decade, and no better partner to share it with. How could it be better? Look at where we were:

Anstruther pier

Anstruther now holds a special place in my heart.

Anstruther pier at sunset

Did you know? The name of the town is really pronounced “Enster” or “Ainster”. It has been a town since at least the 1300’s and was granted a royal charter in 1587. It became famous for its annual fair which inspired William Tennant’s poem, Anster Fair.

On the map: Click here to see this location on our Google Map.

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