Pub Grub at the South Causey Inn

When Sharon and I finished with our trek through Gibside National Trust, she drove me to another nearby treat.



The sun was starting to head towards the horizon, which meant it was about 3pm. That’s very nearly nightfall here in December and it was getting cold, but the slanting light made the already charming South Causey Inn glow. I was just imagining the warm fire inside where we could sit and thaw our frozen toes.


But first we took a wander about the grounds. This place isn’t just an inn and restaurant. It’s a working farm, complete with sheep, chickens, ducks, geese…


And even a pair of llamas.


Can you imagine how much I envied those thick, wooly coats? Aaaah, to be bundled up in all that warm fur. I probably would have looked just as put-together as they did. I’m quite a sight with straw and mud in my hair.

Someday when it’s not so fffffreezing cold, I’d like to go back there. They have a stable full of horses available for hire. You have no idea how badly I want to go for a horse ride through the English country side. It’s so beautiful here out beyond the city with it’s rolling hills paths lined with centuries-old stone walls.


The oak trees and green hills remind me of the hills I grew up exploring just outside the California bay area. I would ride my horse either by myself, or with my good friends where we would daydream and explore for hours, completely forgetting about school, or schedules, or anything else we might be worried about. It’s a very different world from the back of a horse and away from civilization. Even just thinking about it makes me feel completely peaceful.



Can’t you just smell the fresh hay? The leather? Don’t you just want to jump on this beauty’s back and ride away? I did.


Until I remembered my frozen toes, and my fingers became too numb to push the shutter button on my camera. Let’s get inside!


Take a look at this list of things to do here. It’s like summer camp for grown-ups.


And of course this happened.


Raise your hand if you can go out to dinner with more than one person sitting at the table and no one takes a photo of their food? I’m not raising my hand, I’m smiling and guilty. Because I did it too. Damn you, Instagram!


But really, how can you resist sharing a photo of a corned beef pie when it’s this good? (I mean the pie, not the photo.)

Once again I got a fantastic day with good food, beautiful sights and a new piece of the world to explore, and great company. Sharon and I sat by the fire after our dinner soaking up some cheerful warmth while we chatted away. Once again I had a day which shows me how lucky we are.

Thanks, Sharon!

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