Our Previous Brazilian Halloween Party – Expat Style

Now you’ve seen how we celebrated Halloween this year, I thought you might like to see how different it was than our last Brazilian Halloween. Two years ago we spent a Halloween in Brazil in a different city, and we had a completely different experience.

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Our local expat club hosted a Halloween party. During a conversation with our two Brazilian friends I realized that this is only the second time ever I’ve been to a Halloween party. We always did trick-or-treating, costumes and candy, but never an actual party. Is that odd? How many of you guys have been to one? Hosted one? I think it’s probably more common now to have them in the states due to the paranoia and safety issues we Americans hold dear.

Either way, this party was a blast! We showed up early to decorate, then came back in costume. Oh, the costumes! We had over a hundred people there, and I think only about five people or less didn’t dress up. Brian doesn’t count, he came as a serial killer. They look just like everybody else. Did somebody do a head count after the party? If we’re missing anyone, just don’t ask my husband. I’m just saying.

Most families showed up on time, and before it got fully dark they took the little kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Our brilliant Brazilian coordinator had visited every house in the whole area to explain the tradition and ask them to participate so these kids could have a piece of home-style tradition for their holiday. It was fantastic! At least 15 to 20 houses participated. Amazing, and so generous.

Back at the party there was food, music, dancing and an open bar. Yes, OPEN bar. Much dancing and craziness went down.

Below you can see Betty Rubble and the serial killer, gettin’ their drink on. “Betty” and her husband are new friends of ours and we are loving them! We stayed at their house after the party and stayed up talking and laughing until 4am. FOUR. In the morning!

We outlasted the teenagers by hours.

My daughter (who was visiting for a month) hand carried my butterfly wings all the way from Houston to Brazil. I am a beautiful butterfly! (Spoken in Heimlich voice from A Bug’s Life).

The costumes were awesome! I can’t decide which was my favorite. Most families came all dressed in one theme, so we had Thing 1 and Thing 2, we had a dad in his beach gear complete with sunburn, his wife in her snorkel gear and their little girl in her mermaid costume, we had the Flintstones and the Rubbles, we had KISS (the whole band), we had a priest and his vampire wife, we had Cleopatra and Marc Antony. They were all so great!

Meet the Flintstones! Yaba daba doo.

Inexplicably, Marge Simpson was married to the big banana. I’m not sure what happened to Homer.

The dancing was the best! Little belly dancers and jelly fish learned the Macarena. Swing dancers spun around the floor. The hippie danced in a cloud of smoke.

Some of the little kids danced, but most of them were glued to the trampoline and bouncy castle slide.

Brian, my Girl and I all had so much fun. Two sets of wings came a very long way to make this photo possible.


Brian had a blast too. I haven’t seen him smile that much in weeks! He made new friends, hogged my camera and took loads of photos, and chatted with everybody there. We danced and spun and laughed all night.

Here he is with his fellow serial killer, or maybe Han is a homicidal maniac? They look just like everybody else too.

I got to be designated driver, since I only had my one drink at the beginning of the night as usual. The drive home was hilarious. I wonder what the local Brazilians would have thought had they seen the six costumed people piled out of our car after bouncing on rutted dirt roads, and through the branches of a downed tree to Betty and Barney’s house?

I wish I had a picture of that!

Happy Halloween everybody. I hope you all have as much fun as we did.

We are realizing that so many of the things we have learned about Brazilian life are really more specific to our geographical location. One of the things that can be so easy to forget about this country is that it is HUGE, and just because we find something to be typical where we are, doesn’t mean that it is typical to the whole country. I think this is also one of the best things about Brazil. Life will never be boring here because there is so much diversity, so many different regions, accents, local food choices, and so many new ways of living to understand.

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