Monkeys in the Park

How is it possible to not be excited by monkeys in the wild? I mean, sure, if you’re in survival mode and they’re attacking you then you’re probably not a fan, but everybody else?

They are just too fascinating, and in this case adorable, to ignore.

Remember my new Brazilian friend, Lu? She is Brian’s co-worker who came up to England for training, and I was her translator. I still feel bad that she didn’t get a fully fluent translator, but apparently she said good things about me to the boss, and she learned what she came up to learn, so it’s all good. We both learned a lot during that two weeks

And I made a new friend. Win-win.



So, to return the favor she and her boyfriend picked us up on Saturday and gave us a tour around our hew city. Our first stop was the Botanical Gardens (jardim botânico), which turned out to be much bigger and much nicer than I expected.


And they have monkeys!


Tiny little micos, including one that must have been just a baby. It could have fit on the palm of my hand.

Monkey in the Jundiai Botanical Park


There was a park employee on the “monkey trail” who had sliced up a banana for them, so we had a little crowd of about six. Each would take their turn running down the tree to grab a piece. Two were brave enough to take a piece directly from our hands.


And one was completely chilled out enough to just hang out on the rock like he’d bellied up to a buffet and intended to stay until he couldn’t eat another bite.


The park was beautiful, and I can’t wait to explore it again when we have a full day, and when I have my good camera. (This little point and shoot is nearly on its last legs, but it’ll do in a pinch.) The park has several different areas, including a Japonese garden, jogging and bike trails with workout stations along the way, an orchid house, and a couple of small lakes.


You see that white bird in the water up there? He had a six inch fish in his mouth, fresh caught from the stream. We watched and giggled as he tried to swallow it, but it just wouldn’t fit. He might still be trying for all we know.

The more time I spend here in Jundiai (two weeks tomorrow) the more I like it. With a population just under 400,000 people it’s just big enough to have everything we need, but small enough that I could walk across the whole city and back in an afternoon.

The people have been very friendly, including the owner and waiters at “our” local bar/restaurant down the street. They already know to bring me a bottle of water, and a black beer for Brian before we even sit down. They’ve also been happy answer questions about the neighborhoods nearby.

I wouldn’t say it feels like “home” yet, but we can see that it won’t take very long to settle in.

One day at a time, and so far they’ve been good days.

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One Response to Monkeys in the Park

  1. Barb April 12, 2013 at 2:01 am #

    Looks like you’re already settling in and having adventures. Have fun!