Minties B&B in Amsterdam

What do you do when you decide to take a last minute trip somewhere? Do you book the flight and hope you can find a room, or do you book your rooms first and hope you don’t get screwed on the cost of the flight?

Or are you one of those responsible people who does their research in advance? Who finds out about room availability and cost, then checks all the airlines for the best deals and books the most economic combination available with no possibility of getting to your destination only to find yourself sleeping in the bus terminal?

We are not those responsible people.

Luckily we have a little trick up our sleeves. It’s called Match on Airbnb. We used it to find a last minute availability at a really good rate, which was probably half what we would have paid at a hotel. We booked our room, jumped on our flight and went to Amsterdam with only two days planning.

The room we booked was a bit of a mystery. The owners had only very recently opened for business and had just a couple of photos of the outside of their place online. In fact, we found out after we arrived that we were their very first official guests ever. How fun is that?

So when we arrived all we knew was that we’d be staying on a house boat,  and that we could use their bikes.

Our taxi dropped us off near the windmill, and Wout (the owner) met us near the main road to walk us down this path to the boat:


We had a cheerful welcome at the gate,


And stepped into a postcard.


Welcome to Holland. Or The Netherlands. I still can’t figure out which one I’m supposed to call it.

We had a view of this beautiful windmill from the living room, from the deck, and from our bedroom upstairs. I tell you, nothing says Holland like a big ol’ windmill next to a canal.


But what about the room?

We opened the bedroom door to find this:


So cute!


We had our own bathroom, mini fridge, coffee/tea service, a view of the windmill out one window and the canal out the other, and we had a massive and super comfortable king sized bed. The bed was so big I kept losing Brian in the middle of the night. We’ve gotten used to our little British double beds, where we couldn’t lose each other if we tried. This king size bed was so big I could roll over twice and still not bump into him.

Oh, yes. I hogged that bed.


We had a whole week to spend here, and we couldn’t be happier about it.


We had a clean, comfortable and beautiful room, a fresh breakfast every morning, a deck outside where we could enjoy all that September sunshine, and an adorable kitty named Saar to keep my feet warm when I curled up on the couch to read my book.


And we can’t forget Henk the bunny. Henk guards the gate, and he is very curious about cameras.


We spent some time every day sitting outside, soaking up the sun, reading our books, chatting and watching a few boats go by.


Every day the swans would make their way over to enjoy the leftover breakfast bread.


And every night the windmill would light up and glow as we all sat outside and talked late into the night.


We lucked out. The boat was amazing and I want to tell all my friends and family to go to Amsterdam just so they can stay in this B&B. Having such a great place to stay really made the whole week perfect. It was a comfortable home away from home while we spent our days exploring, and our evenings relaxing. It was also in a perfect location. Close enough to walk into the city center, but far enough to be away from the noise and hustle of the city.

Even with all that goodness, the boat wasn’t the best part.

The best part? That was our hosts. Wout and Lia made us feel so welcome, helped us with all our questions, and were incredibly generous with their time and their home. We felt like we were staying with friends, and I really hope we can go back and stay with them again.

Sometimes our ‘leap first and look later’ approach really pays off.

Want to go? You can find them on their website here: Minties Floating B&B, or on their Airbnb page here, and you can even follow them on Facebook.

On the map: Click here to see this location on our Google Map.

Disclaimer: This was NOT a sponsored post. We weren’t paid, or given a free room or any other compensation for writing this. We just loved it that much, and wanted to share it with as many people as possible.


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