In the Office or Far Away

I got to go in to the office with Brian today.

True, it may not be our favorite way to spend a Saturday morning, but he had an important meeting while the boss is in town and I really wanted to finally see where he spends his days.

Through the Office

Through the Office


The four of them sat behind that giant stack of “To Do” paperwork and held their meeting at his desk while I did a bit of non-digital cut and paste work on one of their shop designs. I’m useful like that.

It’s an up and coming, fairly new manufacturing company. The building still needs paint, the temporary fence is still up and waiting for the newer, prettier version, the grounds aren’t quite finished and the space is still being configured, but it still felt like old home. Brian and I met while working together in a machine shop at another manufacturing company in Houston. The smell of the machines, the metal parts on pallets spread throughout the building, the view of the machinists working at their stations through the office window… it all brings back memories of the days when we became friends and got to know each other.

And now I have a picture in my head of where he is all day. No more vague assumptions about where his desk is, or where he eats lunch, or which part of the shop is going to have the welding machines he tells me about. He doesn’t feel quite so far away when I know exactly where he sits.

Is that just me? Even when my kids are far away, if I can picture them sitting in their rooms while we’re texting each other, and I can picture my son’s school and my daughter’s job, if I have been to the track where my son is practicing, they don’t quite feel so far away. I know where they are, even though I miss them with every breath.

It makes it a little easier to let them all out in the world.

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One Response to In the Office or Far Away

  1. Mary-My Life in Scotland April 21, 2013 at 6:53 am #

    I went with my husband to work on Friday. He’s all over Scotland in one day but I love seeing where he is. What buildings he goes into and what his drive is like. It really does help me get a picture and I know how to help him more. Like, he didn’t take a lunch break. I’ll start packing his lunch more now.
    Mary-My Life in Scotland recently posted..A Sunny Day Out!My Profile