Have You Seen My Socks?

We’re living out of suitcases, and you’d think that after this much time we’d have a system down.

We don’t.

Four big suitcases, one backpack, one small suitcase and two laptop cases are scattered around the house with all of our worldly possessions, and we can’t find anything.

Have you seen the charger for my new camera? Because I can’t find it, and I am dying to use the camera, get to know all it’s bells and whistles, and I can’t. I know I packed it, but since we haven’t been able to unpack, it hasn’t turned up yet. In the mean time, the camera sits on the bookshelf behind the couch, all shiny and inviting, and mocking me with its dead battery.

It doesn’t help that we’re sort of based in Brian’s dad’s house, but spending days or weeks at a time in other places while we job hunt and house sit around the country. We have no place of our own, and therefore no place to put our things away.

We just got back from three days on the road, traveling up the east coast and dropping off resumes in every town we came to. We packed the small suitcase and put our coats in the back seat of the car, leaving everything else behind (including the laptops. My phone was my internet lifeline.). It was kind of nice to have only a few things to keep track of. We would have brought more with us, but we only expected to be gone for one night. It was a last minute decision to keep on going for those two extra nights. Funny that we didn’t need more though. Two changes of clothes, toiletries, a book and my small camera were enough to keep us happy.


We’re back in his dad’s house for one night, and tomorrow we’re off to Edinburgh for two weeks for another house sitting job. It’s already 9:30 at night, so I suppose we should do something about getting our bags organized. This time we’ll probably take two big suitcases and the laptops.


One of the things I’m looking forward to with this house sitting job is the fact that we can maybe unpack our clothes and put them in the dresser drawers. I’ll be able to find a place in the bathroom for my toothbrush, and it can stay there for more than a handful of days.

I love this nomadic life in a lot of ways, especially the way it leaves us free to explore, and free to keep our options open about where we can look for work, but it has its price.


We’re living in other people’s spaces. We’re finding room for ourselves in between their things, cooking with their pots and pans, putting our food in their refrigerators and hanging our laundry in their kitchens.

I’m finding myself looking forward to having our own little place where I can organize the kitchen the way I like it, where I can set up my little desk with a little cubby for all of my charging cables, where I can hang our wedding photo on the wall. A place for our things to live, instead of stuffing them in to the corners of another bag.

It’s something to look forward to, but not yet a driving force. I still like our freedom, our wanderings and our explorations, and soon we’ll find that balance of home and travel. We’ll find our footing in this new life and make it all work.

I’ve said it before, and it’s still true. Home is wherever we are, together.

Even if we can’t find our socks.

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A Scotsman and his American photographer wife traveling the world and writing about it. Tales, reviews, photos, interviews and crazy goings on. Because you never know what's going to happen.

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4 Responses to Have You Seen My Socks?

  1. Jennifer Souza July 23, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    I so understand this post! We didn’t have a guarda roupa for 6 months and lived out of our huge suitcases in our own home ;-)

    But I’ve been nomadic off and on and done the housesitting gigs….it’s fun but can also leave me feeling ungrounded.

    I’m looking forward to building our home, and putting our wedding photo on the wall!

    I’m enjoying continuing to follow you. I was sad when you shut down The Tao of Me, but now i’m used to your new married blog :-)

    • akil3655
      Twitter: kiltandacamera
      July 23, 2012 at 4:24 pm #

      I’m so glad you’re still following, and I always look forward to your comments. :0)

      Ungrounded, I think that’s the right word. Somewhere we’ll find the balance between “intrepid travelers” and “ungrounded vagrants”. I’m thinking an RV would be ideal. It’s in the long term plans, so we’ll get the chance some day. For now, we’ll enjoy the uncertainty.
      akil3655 recently posted..Have You Seen My Socks?My Profile

  2. Angela
    Twitter: Acook2121
    July 23, 2012 at 6:10 pm #

    Oh Peg, I had to comment on the 4 th picture down, I havnt seen a pully for drying clothes since my Gran’s house when I was around 10 years old, love it, its so nostalgic for me. I see the socks you are looking for you forgot you hung them on the pulley and then hoisted it to the ceiling, lol
    Angela recently posted..Scottish Recipes – Victoria Sandwich CakeMy Profile

  3. akil3655
    Twitter: kiltandacamera
    July 23, 2012 at 6:20 pm #

    There they are! lol
    akil3655 recently posted..Have You Seen My Socks?My Profile