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If you don’t know about Eye and Pen travel yet, go take a look at the site. It is full of the most beautiful travel photography, travel tips, stories and interviews.

For some reason, Brandon felt that Brian and I were interesting enough to include in his list of twenty weeks of travel bloggers for this year. We are honored!

20 Weeks of Travel with A Kilt and A Camera - Up Helly Aa

“All I can say is that life is short, and beautiful. There is so much more to see than just the small worlds we create for ourselves when we stay in one place. No matter the problems with our respective governments, no matter the jerk we have to deal with at work, no matter that the dog chewed up your expensive shoes and the car got a flat tire on the way home. There will always be negatives which will consume our brains if we let them.
Get in your car, or on a bus, a bike or a plane. GO. Whether it’s for a weekend or a decade, get outside your room, get outside your house and get outside your life. You will be amazed!”

Please take the time to go have a read, not just our own interview, but throughout the whole beautiful site. You will be glad you did. Click here to see the interview, or click the photo above.

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A Scotsman and his American photographer wife traveling the world and writing about it. Tales, reviews, photos, interviews and crazy goings on. Because you never know what's going to happen.

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