Curitiba Street Fair

While things are quiet at home, let me tell you about a previous trip to Curitiba. I hope you enjoy it even a little bit as much as I did.

November means Christmas shopping and my Girl was on the hunt for a few things from Brazil for her family back home.

On Sundays Curitiba holds a street fair. Perfect!

Visit a street festival in Curitiba, Brazil

As we walked through I kept hearing music from a violin. Whoever was playing was really good so I looked all over for the musician. I couldn’t see a violin anywhere.

Finally, as we walked closer to the sound I saw him.

It wasn’t a violin, it was a man sitting on the ground playing a wooden saxophone that looked like it was made out of bamboo.


My camera was fogged up in the rain so this is the best photo I could manage. His music was beautiful! I had no problem dropping a bit of money in his box.

My daughter was confused about what this guy was doing, so we stopped for her first ever taste of caldo de cana.


It’s sugar cane juice, straight from the cane. I’m not a big fan, but I’ve only had it straight. This guy served it mixed with either lime juice or pineapple.

We went for the pineapple and she loved it! I have to admit it was pretty good.


We wandered the stalls, oohing and aahing at all the handmade items. The fair is at least a mile long with four rows of vendors. We had a lot to choose from. I was excited to find a place that sold little leather coin purses, I’ve been looking for some so I can keep all my foreign currency separate and organized, but unfortunately they wouldn’t come down on their hefty gringo price. No coin purse for me.

We did find these awesome little statues though!


What is better than a little skeleton Slash? Not much, I tell you. Maybe only the little skeleton Ozzy, or Michael Jackson, or Amy Winehouse.

We didn’t buy any skeletons, but we did buy this adorable little faerie who will hang on our Christmas tree next month.


How cute is she?

The best find of the day was an American $2 bill. Not because it’s such a big deal, but because the vendor was very serious when he told us that they are not used anymore, very rare, and only still legal in the city of New Mexico.

Yes, the city of New Mexico.


It’s also a bill, which is actually why I bought it. Sadly, the website seems to have died so I bought it in vain. Maybe I’ll frame it along with a photo of the fair. Great memories and still worth the R$6 I paid for it just because it still makes me laugh.

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