Curitiba – Buddha Spotting in Jardim Botânico

This week while things are slow at home I’m looking back on my big road. My daughter was visiting and our good friends took us home with them to visit family.

The first thing we did after we arrived? Took a power nap and had a good family lunch with Glaucio’s mother. Nothing recharges your batteries like a home cooked meal made with love by a mom.

I’m so glad we made this trip with friends who know the city. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start, although they do have a big, double-decker, green tourist bus line that takes you to all the good stops. They looked fun, so I’m going to talk Brian into doing that bus ride with me if we get a chance to come down together.

The first place they took us to was the Jardim Botânico on the east side of the city.

Visit Jardim Botanico in Curitiba, Brazil

There is a giant greenhouse, and a very English looking manicured hedge garden.


I found out later that it was, in fact, inspired by a 19th century English garden. They did a nice job. I hear it’s a great place to bring a date for a picnic lunch.


It was a bit crowded that day though, so hard to get a good photo without lots of people in it.


At first I thought it was just this big greenhouse and garden, but as you wind around the trails there is lots more to see.


We walked around the side and found this nice space where I made Glaucio and Denise pose for more cheesy photos. Aren’t they cute? Doesn’t Denise look freezing?


Curitiba is a bit farther south than Rio, and because it’s at 3000 ft above sea level it’s a lot colder. We had sweaters on the whole weekend, and never saw the sun shine. Next time I’ll remember to bring a scarf and a heavier jacket.

Farther along the trail you walk along side an enclosed sort of wild forest where you can sometimes see capybaras, or you can look around the lawns and spot the occasional Buddha.


They have a great little sensory garden too. I enjoyed the sensory garden in Rio’s botanical garden so I was happy to see one here. There something fun about touching and smelling all these different plants, and it was a nice and quiet green spot in the middle of what is really a rather large city.


I still have no idea what this guy was up to, but it was interesting to watch him. He had a blindfold tied on, which actually looked a lot like bandages when you saw them from the front. He had a guide who was walking him through the garden and explaining all of the plants to him as he felt his way along. I thought his tattoo was brilliant and asked him if I could take a photo.


When I finally stopped harassing the local blind population we followed the trail over the lagoon bridge and into the visitor’s center. It was a bit sparse inside, but had a nice exhibition of bird drawings set up.


One big loop through the park took us about an hour. It felt good to stretch our legs and smell the fresh air.

Then we hopped into the car for more sightseeing. More to come!

Curitiba – Buddha Spotting in Jardim Botânico first appeared on my old blog last year. I’ve permanently moved it over here.

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