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Needle in a Haystack

Somewhere in this maternity hospital on a warm and dry July day in St. Andrews, Scotland, Brian came into the world.   A little more than eight years later on an even warmer October day in Hayward, CA, USA, Peg was born in this building.   Five states, two countries, three marriages, four kids and […]

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What Must They Think Of Us?

What Must They Think Of Us?

Now that we’ve lived in four countries our perspectives on what’s culturally “normal” have changed so much that we can no longer even remember what that word means. That’s especially true for us because Brian and I were raised in two different parts of the world and there are huge gaps in the way we […]

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St. Andrew's Golf Course - A Kilt and A Camera

2013 A Kilt and A Camera Wrap-Up

Two thousand thirteen. Thirteen! Remember the Y2K fiasco? When we all bought Amish stuff and hoped the world didn’t end? That was fourteen years ago. Holy heck. So, 2013 was a whopper of a year. We seem to have a lot of those, this hot husband and I. Since we met we’ve been trotting around […]

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An international couple living abroad

Fitting In and Fighting Homesickness as an Expat

After a solid year of knowing that we’re moving back to Brazil, things are finally, finally moving quickly. The paperwork madness is (we hope) at an end. We have all of our documents in hand and we’re going to show up at the consulate tomorrow to submit everything. With luck, we’ll have our passports back […]

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Nothing like flying home through a beautiful sky

Airports, Airplanes and Airport Pubs

We spend a lot of time in airports and on airplanes. Like, A LOT. Looking back through my photos today I realized I have taken photos inside of airports and airplanes on average every other month. That’s a lot of security checks. We spend a lot of time doing this:   Looking out a lot […]

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How Being and Expat has Changed Me

Brian and I had realized how much we cared for each other just a couple of weeks before he was sent to Brazil. Our lives were in chaos, and we didn’t know what was going to happen, but I knew I’d miss him. I visited him there for the first time about seven months later. […]

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Visiting “Home” as an Expat

I’ve been in Houston for nearly two weeks while Brian is in Brazil for work. I’m staying with friends and stalking my children while I soak up all the south Texas heat, catching up with friends, watching my Boy tear up the dirt bike track, and loving all the time I get to spend with […]

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Feeling… Unmotivated, lazy and stuck. I’m in between and not sure which way to go. I’m so happy to be here, and to be with Brian. I’ve been exploring our new town and feel like I know my way around now, I have plans to meet up with friends, I’ve been studying for my TEFL […]

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Have You Seen My Socks?

We’re living out of suitcases, and you’d think that after this much time we’d have a system down. We don’t. Four big suitcases, one backpack, one small suitcase and two laptop cases are scattered around the house with all of our worldly possessions, and we can’t find anything. Have you seen the charger for my […]

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Homeless and Unemployed – Again

I’m out. The house is empty, ready for the painters and the carpet cleaners and renters. I’ve been busting my ass for two weeks to sell all the furniture, donating all the crap very nice items we no longer need, putting more into the little storage unit than I thought we would, cleaning like a […]

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Damn Foreigners and Their Bad English

I’m in Houston right now, here to spend a couple of months with my kids over the holidays, and I’m noticing something I never noticed before. I hear it everywhere I go. The store clerk with the Korean accent. The woman in front of me at the check out line with her Eastern European accent. […]

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Got My UK Visa – Did a Little Dance

We’re go for launch! I think the experience of getting my spouse visa to Brazil gave me PTVD (post traumatic visa syndrome), It took three tries, and two months to have that one processed and approved. I had also heard so many horrible stories about the ridiculously restrictive and difficult process involved in getting a […]

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Breathing Through The Crazy

We’re in between again. We left Brazil and got used to being in the states again. We left Washington and got used to being in Texas again. Now we are leaving Texas and will have to get used to being in Scotland again. Do you have any idea how chaotic it is just to figure […]

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Drive Me, Drive You, Drive Anywhere

Why do we fall in to certain driving habits? I realized after Brian got here over a week ago that we’ve switched rolls. In Brazil, he drove. Actually I wasn’t really supposed to drive the company car, but I was completely capable of navigating the crazy anarchy of the traffic. I played designated driver a […]

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My American Personal Space is Too Big For Me Now

In Brazil we just hopped into the elevator and went downstairs. We lived in a smallish city of nearly 200,000 people and lived right in the heart of downtown. Everything was nearby. Everything was convenient. We could walk to the beach, the market, the library, the movies. We could walk 100 yards to the bus […]

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Is that enough for a cup of coffee?

Cash, Loot, Money, Grana, Bucks

How do you keep it straight? We are the masters of the zip lock bag, but even that beloved little bit of plastic just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Because we regularly travel between the UK, the US and Brazil my pathetic little baggies of leftover change and small bills were becoming unmanageable, not to mention […]

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What's the longest, most convoluted and scenic way to get from here to there?

Why We’re Not Going RTW

There seems to be a big trend towards travel bloggers writing about all things RTW. I see page after page of travelers talking about what stage they are in. Some are planning and saving, some are in the late stages of counting down to their launch date, some are on the journey already. There are […]

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