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Bringing Home the Stash

Remember when I recently wrote about my expat shopping list before our Oregon trip? As soon as we landed in Portland, we drove straight to Walmart. Seriously, picked up the luggage, picked up the rental car and hooked up the GPS to take us directly there. The fact that I needed new glasses meant that […]

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Teacup Lake Nordic Skiing on Mt. Hood in Oregon -

Skiing at Teacup Lake Nordic

Alone in the forest with heavy snow coming down, obscuring the trail I had just left behind me, I listened for the slightest sounds of civilization. There was nothing. No sound of vehicles to tell me where the road was. No sound of another human being. No sounds of a snowmobile coming to find me. […]

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Learn to cross country ski at Mt. Hood Meadows, Oregon -

Learning to Ski in Oregon

We’ll arrive in the Canadian high Arctic to begin our expedition in just over a year. While I’ll be staying in the town local town of Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik), Brian and the rest of the team will be circumnavigating Bylot Island on skis while they each pull two sleds (pulks) behind them with a rope […]

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Cannon Beach, OR, USA - Through the glass ball.

365 Photo Project – February 2014

February came and went like a flash, but a really, really eventful flash. Because, dude! We went on vacation to the States! We went to the States because of the Polar Bears. You see, Brian needed to learn how to cross country ski so he can get away from the Polar Bears because he’s going […]

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The point over Manzanita, OR -

The Point at Manzanita, OR

During our short stay in Astoria, we took the grand tour with our friends to see as much of the area as we could. Greg and Jenn led the way to all their favorite scenic locations. Their secret plan to make us fall in love with Oregon so that we would move there and live […]

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The Astoria Bridge spanning the Columbia River - A Kilt and A Camera

Astoria, Oregon, USA

My dad was born there but somehow in my many years of traveling I have never been to Astoria. It was time to remedy that. With nearly two weeks to spend in the US, and a busy schedule planned, we bookended the trip with Astoria. We spent the first two days and the last two […]

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Dude, Where’s My Car?

We had a beautiful afternoon. Angela and I were having a fantastic drive to downtown Houston, sunshine streaming through the open roof of the Jeep, excited to see the unusual and very cool Illuminarium with her boy and we were all smiles.   How could anybody have a bad day when you have the company […]

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Architects of Air in Houston, TX

When I left Houston to move to Brazil, and then to the UK, I left behind a really fantastic group of friends from my photography club, but thanks to Facebook I’ve still been able to stalk all of their beautiful photos online. I had seen a few posted showing “Architects of Air” and had been […]

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Quick! Get on the Plane!

What happens when you’re in Brazil, and you realize you’re just days away from missing a very important US deadline? When your husband’s green card is in jeopardy because he’s been out of the country too long? When you have to get back RIGHT NOW? You make some very hurried last minute arrangements, pack as […]

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Why I love Austin, Texas

  My son and I were having a conversation about travel and what it means to us. My Boy is not a traveler. He likes his home, his group of friends, his routine. He likes to know what to expect for any given day, he likes to know how to get where he’s going without […]

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Visiting “Home” as an Expat

I’ve been in Houston for nearly two weeks while Brian is in Brazil for work. I’m staying with friends and stalking my children while I soak up all the south Texas heat, catching up with friends, watching my Boy tear up the dirt bike track, and loving all the time I get to spend with […]

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Homeless and Unemployed – Again

I’m out. The house is empty, ready for the painters and the carpet cleaners and renters. I’ve been busting my ass for two weeks to sell all the furniture, donating all the crap very nice items we no longer need, putting more into the little storage unit than I thought we would, cleaning like a […]

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From Where I Stand**

This has been a month of transition. A month of letting go. A month of clearing out our house in Houston, selling furniture, donating car loads of household things. A month of spending time with friends and my children. A month of dealing with visa paperwork and seeing Brian’s face only via Skype from nearly […]

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Damn Foreigners and Their Bad English

I’m in Houston right now, here to spend a couple of months with my kids over the holidays, and I’m noticing something I never noticed before. I hear it everywhere I go. The store clerk with the Korean accent. The woman in front of me at the check out line with her Eastern European accent. […]

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Marking Time in Paradise – Mt. Rainier

Remember how excited Brian was to see all that snow stacked up? It was so amazing we had to go back for more. Our previous visit to the visitor’s center on Mt. Rainier was just before the regular spring season, and the lodge was closed. We made plans to go back on our last full […]

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Running Out of Time in Tillicum Village

We were running out of time. One thing we’re used to after years of a long distance relationship, and living on two continents, is running out of time. This time we were running out of time in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle and the surrounding areas had been so good to us, it was hard think […]

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Whale Watching on Puget Sound – We’re on a Boat

You should see Brian’s face light up when he smells the sea. He was born near the sea, and even though he has lived in three countries, on three continents, he’s always lived near a coastline. Water seems to call his name. No matter how wild or cold, he seems happiest when he’s out in […]

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A Food Tour in Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market. What does that make you think of? For me it was only two things. The public market sign you see in the photo below, and big men throwing big fish at each other. And I was right! We saw both. We did the market tour on the same day as the underground […]

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Doing our Tourist Thing With the Seattle Underground Tour

Three days on the mountain, three days of hiking, driving and horseback riding our way all over the National Park, and three days of relaxing evenings in the hot tub. Aaaah. That was awesome. Then it was time to hit the city. My dad lives in Tacoma, and I had visited twice before but my […]

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Riding Horses on Mt. Rainier – What a View!

We figured for our last day on the mountain that we’d done enough hiking. We’d let our four legged friends do the work for us this time. Riding horses is one of our favorite things to do during a trip to a new place. We’ve done it at Lake Tahoe, four different times in Brazil, […]

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