Caribbean – A Surprise on Hawksnest Beach, St. John, USVI

now? you're gonna rain now? Seriously?What started out as a beautiful day with perfect weather suddenly turned in to a day threatening to blow a tempest. The wind picked up, the rain came down and we got worried.

Our perfect morning on the beach was over. Our long nap was over, we were all dressed up and ready to go back to Hawksnest Beach for the best part of the day. Who ordered this rain? Certainly not me!

Nothing to do but keep driving. We have an appointment to keep. There are two people waiting to meet us on the beach for a very, very special occasion.

with this ringJust a few weeks before, Brian and I put a plan together, made some calls and decided to get married. A plan fell in to place after we decided on where to have the ceremony and we ended up with a pretty amazing week on the island of St. John in the Caribbean. Brian is Scottish, I’m American, we were both divorced and for the time being we live in Brazil. We knew we wanted to elope outside of the US, but where in the world could we go to get married where the paperwork would not be too difficult, where there was no waiting period or residency requirement, and would be legally recognized by all three countries? The only two options I could find that were not ridiculously freezing cold in December were Gibraltar, and the US Virgin Islands. With only six days to travel the logistics of going from Houston to Gibraltar and back were too difficult, so St. John it was.

There will be more posts about our short week on the island. This one day though? It was amazing.

And the afternoon started with rain.

All dressed up in our wedding wear, we arrived back on Hawksnest Beach at five o’clock in the evening. What had been a calm and tranquil beach with perfectly clear water in the morning had become a wild place with roaring waves crashing up on the sand, the water reaching almost up to the underbrush and palm trees. The wind was howling and whipping my hair all around. The clouds were grey and roiling and threatening to open up at any minute, dumping more rain on our little ceremony.

The rain held back long enough for our little procession. I changed into my dress in the beach changing rooms and walked out through the bushes to see this smiling face.

look at that beautiful faceThe wind, the storm, the clouds all faded away. Once again it was the perfect day, and there was my heart standing on the sand waiting for me.

Every bride should see that expression on the face of the partner they’re about to marry.

OMG!And everybody should be as happy as we were that day.

don't let goIt was just us and our officiant, and the photographer capturing the moments. Four of us on a deserted beach in the middle of a storm.

I thee wedWe said the words we had already pledged to each other during our few years together, this time making it official. For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live. We’re in this for good. We’re old enough to know what that means, and hopefully young enough to have a lot of years to enjoy it.

perfectThe day was perfect once again, just us standing alone with nature and with eyes only for each other.

HappyHow can we not smile on a day like that?

I love that faceHow could we not shed a tear or two on a day like that?

Do you?With the waves threatening to soak us we held hands and said, “I do.”

never gonna let goAnd we do.

We really, really do.

walk with me to the end of daysFrom here we’ll walk together through whatever life brings us. He’s got my back and I’ve got his.

He's all mineThe storm started to retreat as we finished the ceremony. The wind died down and the light got soft. It was a perfect conclusion to the perfect day.

Happy first anniversary my heart. One year ago today we said those words and we will stand by them every single day, ’til death do us part. I love you.

We owe a big Thank You to our officiant, Ann Marie Porter, and our amazing photographer Kelly O’Brien. They were both fantastic, and helped make this day the perfect one it was.

On the map: Click here to see this location on our Google Map.

This was not a sponsored post.

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      Thanks! It really was, and I smile every time I see the photos.