Bringing Home the Stash

Remember when I recently wrote about my expat shopping list before our Oregon trip?

As soon as we landed in Portland, we drove straight to Walmart. Seriously, picked up the luggage, picked up the rental car and hooked up the GPS to take us directly there. The fact that I needed new glasses meant that we had to have my appointment done at the beginning of the trip, and since we would be driving to Astoria later that afternoon, we had no better time to do it.

With the eye appointment taken care of, we left and enjoyed the rest of our vacation, and then came back to pick up my glasses on the last day of the trip.

And how sexy do I look in my new glasses? Try to control your desire when you see this hotness:



Sexy and I know it.

The rest of the list? I didn’t get all of it, but I got most. Here’s how we did:

  • Coconut aminos – Couldn’t find them in any of the stores we visited. Drat!
  • Food processor – Scored!
  • New hand mixer with the proper voltage – Brian talked me out of it, but I may get it next time.
  • Soup/stock pot – Couldn’t find one I liked.
  • Haggis – I know where to buy it in Houston, but not Portland. Couldn’t find it.
  • Plastic wrap – I am the proud and very protective owner of a box of plastic wrap, complete with finger severing blade!
  • New glasses and sunglasses – Two new pair of (cute) glasses and one new pair of prescription sunglasses.
  • More vitamin supplements – Loaded up on all we need for the next six months.
  • More ziplocks – Check. Got four more boxes.
  • More water filters – Nope. Forgot.
  • More razor blades – These were our second most expensive item. We spent almost as much on these as we did the glasses, and more than on the food processor. We are hairy, what can I say.

I was really hoping to find an ice cream maker, but it seems that nobody stocks them in February in the Pacific North West. Who knew. I’ll keep it on the list for next time, along with the haggis and soup pot.

We added a few items to the list that we hadn’t planned on, including two Fitbit pedometers. Now Brian and I have an ongoing competition. Whichever of us manages the most steps per day gets to do the victory dance in the evening, and holds bragging rights until the count starts again at midnight.

There were also the gifts for a few friends, including cologne, perfume and body lotions. There was an engineering calculator we tried to find but failed, two big containers of good whey protein for Brian, and there were also a few last minute make-up purchases for me.

Now we’re back in Brazil and readjusted to speaking Portuguese, trekking all over town to find what we need (although I cannot, for the life of me, find anyone who sells postcards for our city), warm weather and caipirinhas.

As for all my new glasses, what do you think?

Me and my dad, with my hot nerdy frames. It was great to see him.


Wireless frames, and my lovely friend.


A blurry me in my shades. These are my first ever pair of prescription sunglasses and I looooove them! Imagine not needing to squint when I’m out in the sun! And not being totally blind if I wear regular sunglasses!

Happy me.

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2 Responses to Bringing Home the Stash

  1. Jim March 28, 2014 at 8:45 am #

    Nice! well done overall. Welcome back.

    • akil3655
      Twitter: kiltandacamera
      March 28, 2014 at 1:01 pm #

      Thanks, Jim. :)
      Glad to be back in the warm weather. Brr!