Brazil – Praia Ferradurinha in Buzios

The beach from the rocks of Praia FerradurinhaFerradurinha beach in Buzios was the biggest and nicest surprise of the weekend. We followed our friends while they drove us through the crooked streets, only getting lost once, and arrived at this tiny gem of a spot.

How to get there: Praia Ferradurinha is a very short walk from Praia Geriba, which is one of Buzios’ biggest and most famous beaches. You can park at any of the parking lots near the west end of that beach, or enter into the Ferradura neighborhood and look for a parking lot there. They will look something like this:You'll park somewhere like this near Praia FerradurinhaParking will cost you between R$5 and R$10.

After parking our cars and trekking just a short hundred meters or so, we came to a wall filled with beautiful graffiti. Quite often the graffiti in small town Brazil is repetitive, ugly and as creative as your local gang member thinks it needs to be. Every once in a while you stumble across whole walls with what can only be called art work.

Art work on the walls at the entrance to Praia FerradurinhaOne of those beautiful walls lines the entrance to this little beach. Mural after mural, it was colorful, cheerful and beautiful. I didn’t know what to expect for this beach, but it was off to a good start.

Entrance to praia FerradurinhaAt the end of the trail the view opened up to show us that we came to the perfect place on the perfect day. This small, secluded beach isn’t listed on most of the advertized places around Buzios. If you didn’t know where it was, you’d never stumble across it. This makes for a delightfully uncrowded spot on a busy weekend.

Brian had his snorkel gear and fins out before we even got settled. The man loves the sea.

Praia FerradurinhaThere is a little kiosk near the entrance of the beach that seems to be in charge of the chairs and umbrellas. We hadn’t taken two steps onto the sand when we were led to a very nicely located umbrella by a very friendly guy who turned out to be our waiter, and more chairs were brought out for us to use.

We decided not to eat lunch here at the beach though. The prices were a bit high. R$20 for a simple plate of french fries? That’s about US$15. Too steep for my tight fisted self.

We did get a couple of water bottles and a caipirinha or two though. I think it’s traveler’s law that you have at least one of the iconic coctails when on the beaches of Brazil.

Menu at Praia FerradurinhaIt turns out our waiter was much more than that. He was sort of our personal concierge of the day. Want to rent a windsurfer? Kayak? Buy some sunglasses? A new bikini? He’s your man. Anything you need and he could take care of it in minutes.

American beaches could learn a thing or two about customer service.

Ferradurinha is surrounded by rocks on both sides with just a narrow inlet from the sea. I could see the waves pouring over the top of these rocks and into our little cove so we decided to go explore.

Peg at Praia FerradurinhaI should have left the sandals back at the umbrella. They were a bit slippery on the rocks and bare feet handled the climbing much better. It was an easy climb though, even with my camera in one hand and my shoes in another.

On the other side of the rocks was an even smaller and much wilder rocky cove. The waves pounded in and splashed over the top of this low spot.

Waves on the rocks at Praia FerradurinhaMy feet got a bit wet with a couple of the waves so I decided to move out of the way in case one of those big waves decided to get really nasty and knock me over. I’d rather not break any bones while I’m enjoying myself.

Waves on the rocks at Praia FerradurinhaThe wind gave us a perfect breeze which kept us cool and comfortable. Later in the afternoon the gusts started to really kick up the sand so we packed it in. After several hours of swimming in the cold water, sipping caipirinhas and taking in some sun we headed back to the car.

It’s so nice to leave the beach and not need to drag back all of our chairs, umbrellas, coolers and trash. That’s always been my experience at just about every American beach we’ve been to, but not here. All we needed here was a bit of sunscreen and whatever beach toys we decided to play with. It makes the tired and sandy stroll back to the car very easy.

The walk back to the car from Praia Ferradurinha

It’s a really good feeling to be a little bit tired, warmed by the sun and covered with a bit of sand at the end of a great day at the beach.

On the map: Click here to see this location on our Google Map.

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