Brazil – Getting to know Aldeia Velha

While I’m in Houston, and Brian is still in Brazil I’ll be catching up on some of our past travels here in the blog. I’ll be here for a couple of months spending time with my kids. Lucky me, Brian will come up for a week for Christmas, our 1st anniversary and New Year’s eve. Sounds like a good week to me. It’s not often I have my kids and my husband on the same continent. Having them all in the same house for Christmas is the best gift I’m getting this year.

We are living in Brazil for a while because of Brian’s work, and while we’re there we spend as much time getting to know this complicated and beautiful country as we can. Sometimes this means a weekend in a new place, sometimes it means four days in the mountains and sometimes it means exploring our little local town on foot during a quiet Saturday morning.

This time we spent a weekend in Aldeia Velha, which is a teeny, tiny town in Rio de Janeiro state about two hours drive from Rio. The two friends who went with us were as new to the area as we were, so we had no idea what to expect when we arrived. You’ve already read about hiking the waterfalls, now let me tell you about where we stayed in the tiny town itself.

Lucky for us, we arrived on Friday evening before the rain started to fall. Speaking from experience, six kilometers of dusty dirt road is much better than six kilometers of soupy, muddy dirt road. We bumped in to town and asked the first shopkeeper we found for directions, then pulled in to our Pousada just as it was nearly dark.

Is she in our room?

Ten minutes later the rain arrived. You can see it drizzling down and dripping off the roof. A slow and steady rain that kept the sun and heat away.

Snooker anyone?

None of us minded at all. We had plenty to do to keep us busy and smiling. Pousada Tomodati is owned by a friend of ours who’s wife happens to be a most excellent cook.

YumBellies full, cold beer flowing like water, the promise of a great party later that night and the company of good friends meant we were most definitely in the right spot.

The night got darker, we got sillier, more people showed up, the disco lights started flashing and the party was on.

Like it's 1999

An we really know how to party.

My fool

Dancing? That’s another story. The important thing is that we TRY, right? Well, see for yourself:

Rock stars, that’s what we are.

Can you tell that we had been sampling a bit of this?

It's really BrazilianParty all night and walk thirty steps to your hotel room? Brilliant!

Strong Brazilian coffee and home made breakfast buffet the next morning? Even more brilliant!

Would you like corn cake or cooked bananas for breakfast?This was our home base for two and a half days while we traipsed all over the forest, strolled around town and rode horses through the mountains and the mud. We loved it, and have been back again since. It’s a completely out-of-the-way location tucked away behind the farm land in the mountains but close enough to Rio to make it a quick weekend getaway. Rain or shine, we loved our relaxing and fun weekend.

On the map: Click here to see this location on our Google Map.

Take a look at more photos in the gallery:

This was not a sponsored post. We paid for our own accommodation, meals and activities. Luis, the owner of Pousada Tomodati, is a co-worker of Brian’s, a wonderful host and a great guy. Make sure to tell him we said hello if you happen to come down and stay!

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