An Autumn to Remember

The days are getting cooler, we’ve had frost in the mornings twice now, the leaves are changing color and starting to fall to the ground.


Facebook has come alive with talk of Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving recipes.


There is a smell in the air that only happens in this kind of climate during this time of year.


We can’t walk anywhere without hearing the sound of the leaves crunching under tires and feet.


There’s no denying it, fall is in the air.


Most of my life I have lived in areas that have little or no real autumn season. California was too warm, Nevada was too devoid of trees, Texas was too damn hot. Only in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have I really been able to experience a full, spectacular autumn.


Four years, out of my forty four.


This year makes five.


And we already know we’ll be in Brazil next fall. It will be a fall in March and April, and it won’t be anything like this.


So thank you, England. Thank you for giving us a chance to soak in the colors, the smells, the tastes and sounds. Thank you for putting the nip in the air and putting on your fireworks show of brightly colored leaves. Thank you for giving us weather suitable for snuggle days of hot chocolate and light jackets.

Thank you for giving us a real fall season to enjoy. It might be five years or more before we get to have another one.

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