Alnwick’s Treehouse Restaurant for the Holidays

We had a plan when we showed up in Alnwick. We’d see the book store, stop by a local restaurant for a meal, then head to the Alnwick Castle Gardens.

The restaurant we wanted to see is not just any restaurant. It’s the Treehouse.

Tree House Restaurant in Alnwick, England, UK


Built high up in the branches of mature lime trees, and made out of three different kinds of wood from four different countries, it was a treat to visit even if we didn’t have a chance to eat a meal there.


We were there on the 30th of December, which means high holiday season. I already knew they were fully booked for the day, but I knew we could still probably get a bite to eat at the Potting Shed.


The Potting shed is their separate bar which serves a limited lunch menu. No reservations required, and at better prices than their main dining room, and we’d still have a great time exploring the grounds and the view.


But guess what?

My Girl brings good luck with her.


While I was showing her around the main deck, Brian decided to go inside and ask if they happened to have a last minute opening. He got a quick no, until the man standing behind him piped up.

That man’s young daughter wasn’t feeling well and he had just stopped in to cancel their reservation. The hostess smiled and put our names in his slot. We walked right in to the only available table in the house by accident!


What luck! We decided to splurge a bit and treat ourselves to a beautiful pre-new year’s eve dinner.


The restaurant inside is beautiful. Twinkling lights and natural wood as far as the eye can see, with a roaring fire in the middle of the room. There is even a small wooden stage where live musicians would be playing for the diners’ entertainment later in the evening.


The prices are higher than we normally budget for, but having a most honored guest from out of town gave us a good excuse to spoil ourselves a little bit, and the food was phenomenal!


After an appetizer of black pudding, our butternut squash risotto, leg of lamb and filet of beef arrived. I really hope our groans of delight didn’t disturb the nice family at the table next to us.


The sticky toffee pudding I shared with my daughter was delicious! It was her very first sticky toffee pudding, and I know it won’t be her last. Yum.


After our meal we went outside for a bit of exercise. The Treehouse is not just one building but three, all connected and surrounded by lofty decking and shaky rope bridges. It was a great way to burn off that pudding.


Brian liked to wait for us on the bridges and jump up and down while we tried to walk. I think we burned as many calories by laughing as we did by climbing!


We were there in the winter, during the darkest and shortest days of the year when the trees are bare. I would really like to come back during the high summer when the sunshine is filtering through the thick canopy of leaves. What a beautiful place!

Playing tour guide while my Girl is here has given us a chance to explore more of our little local area. We are currently staying just about a half hour’s drive away from here. How lucky is that?

Thanks, my Girl, for giving us an opportunity to see more than we might otherwise see, and for bringing your good restaurant reservation mojo.

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