Airports, Airplanes and Airport Pubs

We spend a lot of time in airports and on airplanes.

Like, A LOT.

Looking back through my photos today I realized I have taken photos inside of airports and airplanes on average every other month.

That’s a lot of security checks.

We spend a lot of time doing this:

Waiting at the gate, ready to stand in line.


Looking out a lot of windows at this:

our big blue chariot


Brian spends a lot of that waiting time doing this:

Working, with a side of coffee so he can do more work.


And this:

Guess what? More work.


Every chance we get we’ll track down one of these, or a real person, for this:

Aaah, so worth the two euros, or the six euros because we stay for three sessions.


When that’s not enough, we find a pub for this:

Breakfast of travel champions


Because it sucks to be fully sober when you’re stuck for eleven hours like this:

Packed in like cattle


With the rest of these people:

Who are just as uncomfortable and cramped as you.


But it’s not all bad:

Room with a view


In fact, some of it is pretty spectacular:

Nothing like flying home through a beautiful sky

I can see my house!


And we get a pretty amazing perspective on new places:

That’s Paris under those clouds. Paris!


There is just nothing quite like flying above the clouds.

And the sky is the most incredible blue.


The sunrise through an airplane window will always give me a thrill:

A thrill, and a shiver.


So cheers to airports because they bring us to the most amazing places.

I’ll drink to that.


And cheers to the amazing places I get to go with him.

Cheers, saude, Slàinte mhath!

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