A Morbid Mystery at Deep Sea World

Dunfermline has turned out to be the perfect jumping off point to start getting to know Scotland. We’re close enough to Edinburgh to pop in to the city whenever we want to, and far enough to avoid the bustle and traffic. There are quite a few things to see within a twenty minute drive from  the house. We’re trying not to leave the dog and cats alone in the house for more than just a few hours so it’s perfect.

Every time I’ve been here before, we’ve seen the sign for Deep Sea World from the highway, but never had time to stop. Brian finally took me down yesterday to see the little aquarium.

I knew it was a small place, and that I shouldn’t expect anything as big as the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California (which I love). It was more like the Aquarium in Houston. Small, intimate and perfect for smaller kids with a short attention span.

We arrived at the same time as a small bus full of small children. Day care or school field trip?

We didn’t mind though, we could still see all the tanks and habitats over the top of their little heads. It was kind of cute to hear all the ooh-ing and aah-ing, and the screams of, “Hey, come look at this!”

The walkway leading down, down, down to the shark tunnel was a little creepy, and we heard more than one kid refuse to pass the shark, so it was a bit more quiet down there.

We stepped on the moving track and did a bit of ooh-ing and aah-ing of our own. “Hey, look at that one.” “Ooh, a flounder.” “Aah, look up! He’s right above your head!”

Pretty cool.

Once we escaped the sharks we headed up to see the seals.

I don’t know if it was the rain, or if it just wasn’t feeding time, but they were being shy. We saw their shadows zipping around under the slightly murky water, but they didn’t come up to say hello.

From the seal pools you can turn around and get a great view of the Forth Rail Bridge above the cafe. Not a bad place to have lunch, huh?

We only spent about an hour there, but enjoyed it. If you have small kids I’m sure you’d spend at least twice that. We were also lucky to be there when the place was nearly empty. Besides the small field trip group, I’d guess there were only five other families there. We were able to see all the exhibits quickly, no lines, no waiting.

My only question?

What the heck is this thing doing hanging outside the entrance/exit doors? What does it have to do with anything? And who thought it was a good idea to display it in a spot that’s constantly overrun with little kids?

It’s a mystery, and a fairly morbid one.

Anybody know anything about it?

On the map: Click here to see this location on our Google Map.

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