365 Photo Project – Week 15

The evenings here in Jundiai are beautiful. We have a great view of downtown from our balcony, with this church directly in front of us. We think it’s a convent. There seem to be a lot of stooped and ancient nuns coming and going from the house attached to the yard behind the church and we can watch them work in the garden, or hang laundry. They keep the garden beautifully neat, with benches scattered in the shade and a lunch table in a corner tucked away.

Through the Evening

Through the Evening


The city, and the park below us, glow at night with the city lights. It would be quite peaceful if it wasn’t for the blaring music (and I use the term “music” loosely) coming from somewhere near the church from about 4pm until after midnight every day. It may actually be from the church. That seemed to be a pretty common practice when we lived in Rio das Ostras, the louder the sermon and singing, the closer they got to God? I’m not sure of the logic, but most people we knew who lived near a church all complained about the same phenomenon.

Brian isn’t working on the weekends, so we take those days to explore together. We go farther into the neighborhoods than I do alone during the week, however yesterday gave us the biggest downpour I’ve seen since I got here. It poured buckets all day long.


Through the Downpour


We went to plan B, which included a lot of book reading and a lot of napping. Two of my favorite activities. We wrapped up the evening with a really nice dinner with Brian’s co-workers and their spouses who all happen to be fantastic people. Conversation flowed in two languages with laughs and smiles all around. I forgot how much I missed that mixture of English and Portuguese! Especially when it winds around among such interesting company.

We didn’t get home until a bit after midnight, slept late this morning and decided it was time to check out the local cinema. It’s located inside the shopping mall, which gave me this treasure:


Through the Books


I found the book store! Complete with aisle upon aisle of books I could get lost in, and a Starbucks. I’m really, really hoping they serve a chai latte. I got hooked on them in England and would miss them if I couldn’t find them here. (Although don’t tell Starbucks that I very much prefer the lattes from Costa.)

So even though I really hate shopping, I have to admit that the mall gave us a couple of treasures. A good book store, and a nice cinema which shows new release movies in English.

How was your week? Have you found anything new that made you happy?

Add your link to your favorite photo of the week whether it’s from a daily, weekly or monthly 365 project or just one that makes you happy.


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Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to.

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    That evening photo looks quite magical with the lighting
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