Sunset over Jundiai, SP, Brazil through the crystal ball -

365 Photo Project – March 2014

March. March should be spring time. Warmer weather, longer days and flowers starting to bloom. We did get a few blooming flowers on the Jacaranda trees, but other than those purple beauties our March was upside down. Will we ever get used to the seasons in the southern hemisphere? I really don’t think so, those […]

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Bringing Home the Stash

Remember when I recently wrote about my expat shopping list before our Oregon trip? As soon as we landed in Portland, we drove straight to Walmart. Seriously, picked up the luggage, picked up the rental car and hooked up the GPS to take us directly there. The fact that I needed new glasses meant that […]

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Teacup Lake Nordic Skiing on Mt. Hood in Oregon -

Skiing at Teacup Lake Nordic

Alone in the forest with heavy snow coming down, obscuring the trail I had just left behind me, I listened for the slightest sounds of civilization. There was nothing. No sound of vehicles to tell me where the road was. No sound of another human being. No sounds of a snowmobile coming to find me. […]

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Learn to cross country ski at Mt. Hood Meadows, Oregon -

Learning to Ski in Oregon

We’ll arrive in the Canadian high Arctic to begin our expedition in just over a year. While I’ll be staying in the town local town of Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik), Brian and the rest of the team will be circumnavigating Bylot Island on skis while they each pull two sleds (pulks) behind them with a rope […]

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Cannon Beach, OR, USA - Through the glass ball.

365 Photo Project – February 2014

February came and went like a flash, but a really, really eventful flash. Because, dude! We went on vacation to the States! We went to the States because of the Polar Bears. You see, Brian needed to learn how to cross country ski so he can get away from the Polar Bears because he’s going […]

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The point over Manzanita, OR -

The Point at Manzanita, OR

During our short stay in Astoria, we took the grand tour with our friends to see as much of the area as we could. Greg and Jenn led the way to all their favorite scenic locations. Their secret plan to make us fall in love with Oregon so that we would move there and live […]

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The Astoria Bridge spanning the Columbia River - A Kilt and A Camera

Astoria, Oregon, USA

My dad was born there but somehow in my many years of traveling I have never been to Astoria. It was time to remedy that. With nearly two weeks to spend in the US, and a busy schedule planned, we bookended the trip with Astoria. We spent the first two days and the last two […]

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Graffiti on the streets of Jundiai, SP, Brazil -

365 Photo Project – January 2014

Another January has come and gone. Zoooooom! There it went. It’s been a quiet month filled with small things keeping me close to home, but I’ve still found happiness in getting those small things done. This life of international living can sometimes feel very normal. I have chores just like I always have. I still […]

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Home made pineapple kiwi popsicle.

The Expat List of What To Bring

When you find out you’re moving to another country, one of the big questions to rattle around in your brain is what to put on your packing list. It seems like it’s the biggest topic of conversation for expats. What can I not live without? What do I need to feel more at home? What […]

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Rain on the glass -

You All Live With Me Here

They go through my head as I go through my day. When I climb out of bed and see the city outside my window with the morning light streaming across the rooftops, I think of my cousins. I wish I could show them the colors and the way the sun crosses the northern sky. When […]

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365 Times Two – Because I Can

I just finished my second 365 photo project. How did I do? Pretty well. I skipped a few days this past year, but I managed to finish strong. So when it came time to decide if I would do it again this year, I don’t think I really even considered not doing it again. My […]

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St. Andrew's Golf Course - A Kilt and A Camera

2013 A Kilt and A Camera Wrap-Up

Two thousand thirteen. Thirteen! Remember the Y2K fiasco? When we all bought Amish stuff and hoped the world didn’t end? That was fourteen years ago. Holy heck. So, 2013 was a whopper of a year. We seem to have a lot of those, this hot husband and I. Since we met we’ve been trotting around […]

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Merry Christmas from Brazil

Our Brazilian Christmas

Despite spending so much time in Brazil over the last seven years, we had never actually spent a Christmas here until this year. Brian always flew back to Houston to spend the holiday with me, often after a long flight to Scotland to spend the pre-holiday days with his dad. Christmas has been a time […]

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Crystal Ball photos. My new favorite toy.

365 Photo Project – Week 50

Well hello there, week fifty! Where did you come from? Contrary to the evidence, I have not let my 365 photo project fall by the wayside. I have been (sort of) diligently taking my “Through” photos (mostly) every day. Editing and posting them? That’s another story entirely. I have learned a few things with this […]

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The Graffiti of Curitiba

Graffiti on the Streets of Curitiba

I am always fascinated by the graffiti we see in any city we visit. Here are just a few of my favorites from Curitiba. Pretty cool, huh?

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Featured on Eye and Pen

If you don’t know about Eye and Pen travel yet, go take a look at the site. It is full of the most beautiful travel photography, travel tips, stories and interviews. For some reason, Brandon felt that Brian and I were interesting enough to include in his list of twenty weeks of travel bloggers for […]

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